Natural Fish Oil Supplements

Are you looking for fish oil to improve you and your loved ones health? This article aims to show your how to discover the best natural fish oil supplements available in the world today.

Truth of the matter is, it really makes a whole world of a difference when if take good, high quality fish oil supplements as compared to taking cheap, substandard ones.

The problem is, not all fish oil supplements are created equal, and that's why one shouldn't just choose simply by choosing the cheapest or one that claims to be the best - you have to do the research to find out. If there are 10, 20, 30 or more fish oil choices, and includes the nordic natural fish oil, Xtend Life Fish Oil, all natural fish oil and even natural concentrated fish oil...actually only a small handful of these meets the criteria to qualify as the best natural fish oil supplement.

Why I say this is because there is a vital and crucial need to understand the key factors that determines if the particular fish oil supplement are actually safe, good for you and worth your time and money or not. Anything that I take, or offer to my loved ones and friends - must be very safe first (perhaps due to my training as a clinician), good for body and high quality, no less.

My natural fish oil supplement of choice is Xtend Life Omega 3 QH Fish Oil, and I take it daily personally - I feel more energetic, more "stronger" at night (ahem), alert and more. Read my review on it too here.

Health Benefits of Natural Fish Oil Supplements

Some of the health benefits of regularly taking good fish oil includes:

  1. Reducing LDL cholesterol levels - LDL or low density lipoprotein is usually known as "bad cholesterol". Any individuals including yourself shouldn't have too much of this in your body as it increase your risk for atherosclerosis (arteries of the heart harden).

    Atherosclerosis, if poorly managed, can cause/lead/aggravate clogged arteries, and this in turn decreased blood supply to your entire body, depriving your body and brain of oxygen and nutrients. To make matters worse, part of the atherosclerosis can break off and travel in your body to lodge in your heart or brain, causing significant complications and in severe situations, even death.

  2. Decreases high blood pressure - for those who are suffering from increased blood pressure, fish oil helps to regulate high blood pressure to normalize them.

  3. Increase HDL Cholesterol levels - whilst lowering the bad LDL levels, good fish oil supplements also increases your HDL levels naturally too.

Please note that for these benefits to happen and sustain, you do have to take them for long term, and it is always better to prevent than cure, so take in advance if you know you have mild conditions or it's in your family history. This is not to say advanced/severe cases won't help, but you may then need to combine with medication first.

Best Natural Fish Oil Supplements

To enjoy all the health benefits of natural fish oil supplements, first of all you must choose the best one available - it needs to contain omega-3 fatty acids, for example.

You see, many fish oil supplements can be just pure natural fish oil...but not everyone knows that. Pure fish oil without omega 3 doesn't really have as much health benefits as compared to those that does contain omega 3 (read more about fish oil and omega 3 here)

Higher quality omega 3 fish oil supplements:

  • tends to be sourced from clean oily/fatty fishes, preferably those that are found in the deepest, cleanest oceans in the world

  • have underwent molecular distillation to remove all the toxins. Some individuals claim that molecular distillation reduces the health benefits and nutritional values of natural fish oil, but this isn't true when the manufacturers are more high-tech

My natural fish oil supplement of choice is Xtend Life Omega 3 QH Fish Oil, and I take it daily personally - I feel more energetic, more "stronger" at night (ahem), alert and more. Read my review on it too here.

where to find the Best Natural Fish Oil Supplements?

Perhaps at this stage you may think that it's very difficult to find and buy high quality natural fish oil. Yes, you can find many cheap and off the shelves kind in herbal stores or maybe online, but please be cautious when you shop for fish oil supplements (or any types of health supplements) - after all, these are products that you are taking for yourself or for your loved ones, and we cannot afford to cut corners.

You need to do your research, read the testimonials and reviews, and ensure that the company is at least 10 - 15 years old (I don't quite trust new companies, as they can be a "hit and miss" but those that have been around for some time, they are sure to have been "knocked around a bit" and their products timeless and still good for them to be still producing and selling them).

Personally, I've done my own research and concluded that Xtend Life's natural fish oil are one of the best and highest quality fish oil, and pretty good priced too (see here, or read my review here) which I buy online and get it shipped to my home or my office directly, which is more convenient as I take them daily.

My natural fish oil supplement of choice is Xtend Life Omega 3 QH Fish Oil, and I take it daily personally - I feel more energetic, more "stronger" at night (ahem), alert and more. Read my review on it too here.

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