Xtend-Life Total Balance Women's Premium Comprehensive Cellular Multi-Vitamins For Women Review

The vitamin and mineral needs of women are different from men because, well, women and men have different hormones and physiological systems.

What's the best multi-vitamins for women available today? Frankly, there is a ton of multivitamin supplements for women, but this review will cover specificly the Xtend-Life Total Balance Women's Premium Cellular Multivitamins.

This special formulation was researched, tested and built from scratch specificly for women's unique physiological needs.

Question is, how is it particularly beneficial to women? You see, ladies and women of different ages have different needs. This product is indicated for females at teenage age or older, but it seem specially beneficial for women who are 25 and above. For women who are in the mid-life range, within the 40s - 50s age range, they will also need support in pre-menopausal and post-menopausal matters.

Find out more about Total Balance Women's Premium here

For younger women between 13 -24, they have different set of issues, and so does women who are above 60 years of age.

What about them?

Now fundamentally, doesn't matter if you're older or younger, having nutritional deficits, or mood swings, or hormonal spikes, or hot flashes, or overworks, or stressed, or low libido/energy - these issues should be addressed by a cellular multi-vitamin specifically for women.

And that's what Xtend-Life set out to do for their women's only product.

Ok, both men and women need the foundational/basics such as the vitamin C, the vitamin B and B-complex, and calcium, but Xtend-Life added specially selected herbal extracts that cater and optimized for women's only.

You see, Xtend-Life's mission is to combine the best of western medicine/technologies with the best of natural, herbal naturopathic medicine to create a natural health supplement that combines the best of two worlds of medicine.

Herbal extracts such as dong quai, wild yam, feverfew and chasteberry are added. These four herbs are accurately known and labelled as, “nature’s multi-vitamin for the female.”

They are optimal for female and feminine health.

Xtend-Life Total Balance Women's Premium Cellular Multi-vitamin has a unique blend of more than 99 ingredients (the regular/basic Total Balance For Women has 77 ingredients - that's why there is a difference in "premium" and pricing)

Why Xtend-Life is confident Their Multivitamin is the best multivitamin for Women

This product is formulated specifically for women of all ages, and as shared earlier, the Total Balance Women's Premium Multi-vitamins contains a lot of nutrients that are certified pharmaceutical quality.

It contains also:

  • adaptogens
  • antioxidants
  • amino acids
  • anti-glycation agents
  • calorie-restriction mimetics
  • carotenoids
  • enzymes
  • flavonoids
  • herbal plant extracts
  • methylation agents
  •  neuro-nutrients
  • nutritional co-factors
  • and trace nutritional elements.
Find out more about the 99 ingredients in Total Balance Women's Premium here

Xtend-Life claims that the health supplement is very well received and popular with women buying for themselves or their girlfriends or the men buying for their wives and girlfriends, and it's dubbed:

the Mercedes Benz of female multivitamins

Its powerful active antioxidant combats free radicals that causes cancer and aging, hence slowing down the aging factor, as well as improves eye health and boost nutritional sufficiency. Many women report having boosted energy levels as well have improved libido and sexual satisfaction.

When compared to the Total Balance Men's Premium Multi-vitamins, the only difference is that there are special and unique herbal extracts specially effective and good for female/feminine health.

but Is it The Best Multivitamin for Women?

What I personally and professionally like about Xtend-Life's health supplements and skincare products is their attention to details (obsessive to a certain extent, in a way I LOVE) - all their raw ingredients are the highest purity and potency possible, then they must be tested and pass a certain standard and certified as pharmaceutical-grade purity by independent third-party cGMP-compliant labs such as Alkemists Labs and Cawthorn Institute that Xtend-Life regularly engages.

Every raw ingredient or nutrient has passed the test will be given a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that confirms the quality, purity and potency of each and every batch. That's "every" which means all their ingredients have to be certified before they can even be used.

I love this.

The certified ingredients and nutrients then are taken to Xtend-Life's 100% self-owned cGMP-, FDA-, New Zealand Ministry Of Healh- and British Pharmacopeia-compliant standards. To kick it up two notches, Xtend-Life uses a rare approach called "pharmaceutical blending" that ensures every tablet/capsule of every batch has exactly the same nutrients as the other table/capsule in that batch. Other companies that use the old method of paddle/ribbon creates supplements with inconsistent nutrient contents in them (too low isn't the largest problem, it's too high that's potentially dangerous).

If you think Xtend-Life is done there, no, they're not. Xtend-Life then coats the tablet supplements with enteric coating to ensure that the nutrients are not destroyed in stomach acids and then they take the finished product and gets the finished products tested.

Independent third party cGMP-compliant labs certifies that Xtend-Life health supplements assimilation and absorption are at least 80%, meaning that every tablet/capsule of Xtend-Life that you take works very hard for you due to the high level of absorption.

The Best Multivitamin for Women Should be Made With The Highest Standards Possible

Xtend-Life is compliant with 4 different standards:

  • cGMP "current Good Manufacturing Practices"
  • United States Food & Drugs Administration (US FDA)
  • New Zealand Ministry Of Health that regulates supplement companies
  • British Pharmacopeia

Being compliant with 4 different standard means that Xtend-Life's products are at the top of the health supplements when it comes to standards and quality.

Plus, they also didn't skimp and took the expensive route of putting enteric coating on their tablets instead of the regular glaze to finish off their tablets (every tablet has a "finishing"). Enteric coating is like special armor that protects the fragile nutrients inside from being destroyed by stomach acids, and ensures that the tablets can reach the upper intestines to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream where it gets transported all over rapidly.

Health supplements that do not have the enteric coating are useless - they will get destroyed in the stomach acids, and then removed via urination (you'd see that your urine will turn dark yellow) or through your sweat.

The highest benefit of enteric coating is just 2 words: assimilation and absorption. Xtend-Life ensures that every tablet of Xtend-Life supplements have enteric coating (except for the softgels) and independent lab tests confirms at least 80% assimilation and absorption with their tablets.

That's why Xtend-Life is confident that their health supplements and skincare products are superior to the competition - and has the certifications and testimonials to show for it.

You can learn more about the detailed and specific processes that go into the making of Xtend-Life product here.

what do actual Consumers say

Total Balance Women’s Premium Cellular Multi-Vitamins is a very well received multi-vitamin in the world.

Below are a few testimonials:

I am writing to tell you how incredible Xtend-Life Total Balance Premium for Women is and how I am truly amazed at the results. Since taking the tablets from early July, I am so very pleased to report:

  • My skin is bright and clear
  • My moods have changed for the better
  • I have not had ONE episode of hot flushes, or night sweats
  • I have more energy
  • I am smiling – for the first time in a long time
  • Friends and family have noticed a remarkable difference
  • My husband is over the moon, as I am

You have no idea what a difference to my life this product has made. Thank you!

Diane K, Australia August 9th, 2011

Wow, It’s like I have some weird connection to the website. I did not even need to make an order today. I was actually coming here to post a testimonial (which I will). Just to summarize, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2005. I just had my last colonoscopy on Friday, Feb 5, and the doctors were dumbfounded. They couldn’t find a single ulcer or polyp in my colon! I was so excited.

I have tried a lot of things since 2005, but since starting on your Total Balance Premium and the fish oil all of the complications with my colon have disappeared (within three months)! And my skin looks fantastic…bonus! I will try the enhanced fish oil…just because. I have been and will continue to promote your product to all of my family and friends.

Tiffany, USA February 10th, 2010

Buy the Total Balance Women's Premium directly from Xtend-Life here

I have a keen interest in Health and Fitness and Herbs & Supplements. I have been taking Centrum Multivitamins as well as my family. I recently felt though that the best vitamins for our Diet and Nutrition needs was or are still out there. Centrum just wasn’t cutting it.

I was urinating it out in like less than an hour or two. Good vitamins for women don’t do that. I was determined to find the best multivitamins for women. Look, I have no Medical Specializations no training in Obstetrics and Gynecology or a degree from Tufts University (just one in a non-health field at Oregon State University) but I am keenly interested as to what vitamins to take and in Vitamins and Supplements in general.

You can feel if something is working. In searching for a good supplement here in in the United States, I read Linus Pauling stuff, visited ConsumerLab.com, read through Cardiology articles on heart disease (one of the reasons why I am interested in herbs like black cohosh and yes I want to avoid the big C Cancer, too), read Meir Stampfer, went to the NSF International to find their recommendations and finally looked at Herbs & Supplements too.

I checked out Kirkland witamins for women I finally decided upon Xtend-Life’s product for women and I’m so glad I found it. I can feel the difference in everything from my energy levels to skin, you name it. My Menopause symptoms have improved, too. It has Vitamin E and vitamin D, you name it.

I learned you don’t have to go to Drugstore.com Inc. to find the best multivitamin. I learned you can research online to find GMP compliant companies and who produce products people actually use and love. I found that with this one so thanks for your articles on their products and on health in general at your site.

Zelda F., Portland, OR, USA

How Much Does It Sell For?

It sells for $51.50 USD and each bottle contains 105 tablets. According to Xtend-Life, one bottle will last you 15 days, that's 7 tablets a day which you can split into 2 doses.

Does It Include a Guarantee?

Yes, there it.

Xtend-Life confidently offers a full 365 days money back guarantee or full product replacement (your choice) if for whatever reason, you're not 100% satisfied with any of their health supplements or skincare products.

Note: I'm in medical/health field and the word "guarantee" doesn't exist, so to see Xtend-Life offering such a solid guarantee, I'm happy - both as a business owner (it takes a lot of confidence in the business and product) and as a consumer (knowing that I can return without any issues is a good-to-have)

come one, surely there are negatives or Customer Complaints?

Any good review MUST include the negatives or customer complaints and problems, if not it's not real/complete.

Xtend-Life has been around since year 2000 and has loyal customers who comes back again and again, but generally most people have just one main complaint: it's price (that it's expensive)

Xtend-Life explains that for the quality of health supplements and skincare products that you get, for the amount and sheer dedication to quality, certification, purity; with all the compliance to GMP, FDA, New Zealand Ministry of Health and British Pharmacopeia; to the independent tests that confirms 80% and more absorption, to the clinical outcomes - what more can I ask?

Note: perhaps it's because I'm in healthcare, I truly appreciate the compliance, dedication to details such as certifications, sourcing, high quality, evidence based outcomes etc PLUS I've seen families paying 5-figure, 6-figures, 7-figures trying to save someone from poor health, so the price that Xtend-Life charges for their high quality and highly regulated health supplements - they're very, very value for money.

It's pharmaceutical grade plus with the 365 days money back guarantee - it's really no brainer. Try it, and if it doesn't work, return it. Xtend-Life would be more than happy to help. BUT if it work and you find your health better, keep taking and take more. Health is not missed until it's impaired, be it temporarily or permanently.

Where Can I Get More Information About This Multivitamin?

Find out more about Total Balance Women's Premium here - you can find out a lot more details on the ingredients, the reviews, the clinical studies etc.

Where Can I Buy Xtend-Life Total Balance Women’s Premium cellular Multivitamin?

Buy Total Balance Women's Premium directly from Xtend-Life here

I hope this review helps you make a health decision, be it for yourself, your family, or your friends.

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