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Since the year 2000, Xtend-Life Natural Products has led the way in harnessing the most up-to-date scientific research and exact manufacturing technology to develop an entirely new class of health products and supplements, skin care products and super-foods - this provided (and still does) health benefits that has never been achieved before with natural health supplements and products.

Scientists and researchers today believe that it is nutrient imbalances and deficiencies that are the main perpetrators of diseases and premature aging because it accelerates the breakdown of your DNA (note: how we "stay tip top in health" is when our DNA and cells are able to replicate normally - when our DNA breaks down and is unable to repair itself nor replicate well, that's when the aging and cellular death happens).

The natural health supplements developed by Xtend-Life provides exact and accurate nutrients to your cells, tissues and organs that seeks to correct nutrient imbalances and deficiencies in your body/system. 

Xtend Life Natural Health Products

But frankly, I think that there is much more to battling premature aging and achieving the health and wellness we all want.


With all the pursuit of the latest cutting edge research and technology of the Xtend-Life's natural health products, I thought it'd be good to mention that there are no "new and wonderful" ingredients in any of Xtend-Life's products.

ONLY when high quality studies showing these new and wonderful ingredients' safety and efficacy has been comprehensively tested and proven then would Xtend-Life consider using them in their natural health products.

Customer safety is a very high priority, that's why Xtend-Life will never put customers at risk with unproven/untested ingredients.

So you may have tried many health supplements in the past which the salesperson or the advertising have promised you wonders....but you only got disappointing results - this happens to many individuals, and that could be caused by a number of variables/factors.

You see, there are many components that are required in order to create a truly effective product that delivers the best health results.

In fact, just ONE missing component can have a major impact on the outcome (it's like making cake...and if you just forget the flour - poof, it is not a cake).

Xtend-Life range of natural health supplements is unique in a sense because there is so much thought and attention to details to ensure that no components are left out/forgotten.

why is Xtend-Life dietary supplements Unique?

The most critical aspect of Xtend-Life's natural health supplements is the dedication to detail and excellence in the research and development of their product range.

The selection of ingredients, the exact manufacturing processes and procedures as well as other special enhancements are all taken into consideration.

Below you can read on how Xtend-Life stands out from the crowd:

  • Delivery Systems
  • Product Synergy
  • Ingredients Blending

To grasp and deeper understand the philosophy and the approach behind Xtend-Life, let's find out why they are required in the first place. What Xtend-Life does is that they explain why many diseases and degenerative conditions develop, and how we can counter it to build and maintain great health and wellness.

Think about this:

As mentioned earlier, scientists and researchers are attributing nutrient imbalances and deficiencies to be the main perpetrators and cause of diseases and degenerative conditions in the human race.

To illustrate, just our organs themselves require a wide variety of nutrients so that they can effectively and efficiently product all the chemicals, compounds and hormones that they're designed to product...that are needed by our cells and system.

Now if our bodies become deficient in any of these nutrients, then our organs will have deficit to product the compounds they are supposed to create, and then our organs function will slowly begin to be impaired, and gradually function less and less effectively. This then leads to improper, inadequate and insufficient amounts of chemicals, compounds and hormones being produced, which then starve the cells that need them.

This then leads to cellular degeneration, which is essentially aging and the onset of degenerative conditions.

Take a look at the picture at the beginning of this topic - see how the simple leaf gradually turns brown? That's what happens when there is gradual nitrogren deficiency. That's a leaf.

Think of what happens to our organs, because the similar process of degradation and deterioration of our organs too happen when our bodies do not receive an optimal supply of vital nutrients.

Achieving and maintaining good health and wellness is very dependent on your body's ability to sustain its level of vital nutrients. The biggest challenge is to get these nutrients to your cells, and truly that's where most of the regular supplements outside fail to deliver.

Generally, nutrient deficiencies and imbalances are caused by three (3) key factors:

  • improper/poor diet intake
  • improper/poor extraction of nutrients from food intake
  • "modern diet" - declining quality of the available food supply

Improper or poor diet intake, which includes eating excessive amounts of processed food (which tends to be high in salt, sugar, fats), animal derived foods, dairy rich foods, on top of insufficient intake of fruits, vegetables and water - these all lead to nutrient imbalances and deficiencies.

Improper or poor absorption of nutrients is possibly one of the most common problem in society today, and is often caused by missing specific enzymes in our upper intestines that helps our digestive system to effectively break down food >> nutrients that are small enough to pass through the membranes in our small intestine

The "modern" diet that has declining quality is caused and aggravated by many factors, including large scale farming, "unrested" nutrient deficient soil, premature fruit/vege harvesting, use of pesticides, processing and storage methods, as well as the time taken to travel over large distances degrades the nutrients in the the food.

#1 Delivery Systems

Next thing to cover is the way nutrients in a health supplement/product is delivered into our bodies is very important to its effectiveness, be it in the form of tablets, soft gels, capsules, powder or liquid forms.

This is the case because if the correct nutrients is not released in the correct location, then they cannot do their job properly and the supplement can be almost worthless in health value (imagine if you bought tickets to Location A for a beach resort, but the plane brings you to Location B which is winter - you'd not be able to be prepared for it)

Then the next thing is that the nutrients provided by the health supplement must then be able to be easily absorbed into your bloodstream without being damaged or compromised; and to do this is a pretty complex task...

...which is why the delivery system selected is a very vital aspect of the research and development process that Xtend-Life follows as part of the development of all their natural health supplements. This is also part of the reason why Xtend-Life believes that their products provide superior health outcomes and benefits.

Xtend-Life uses four (4) different delivery systems for their health supplement products, which differs based on the specific function of the health products and the active ingredients contained inside.

They are:

  1. Enteric coated tablets
  2. Non-enteric coated tablets
  3. Soft gel capsules
  4. Hard gel capsules

Only Xtend-Life's Zupafood (superfood) series are made in powder form to be mixed with water/beverage.

#1 Enteric Coated Tablets

Xtend-Life uses only enteric coating on their flagship Total Balance Series, which is the most complete cellular nutrient system available in the world today.

In fact, they call it "the Rolls Royce" of health supplements.

The Total Balance Series should be the foundation of your supplementation program if you are serious about building and improving your health and wellness.

There are seven versions of Total Balance:

Other Xtend-Life supplements with enteric coating include:

Note: enteric coating is rarely used in the health supplement industry because of 2 factors: it is expensive and it is very sophisticated to use.

Enteric coating is the top-of-the-line and ultimate technology to ensure delivery of highly valuable active ingredients to your upper intestines for maximum absorption.

The enteric coating technology allows tablets to pass through your stomach intact, without being damaged by stomach acids, and this is a very vital process because stomach acid is highly corrosive (to break down foods and destroy bacteria).

Exposure to stomach acid can damage/destroy and inactivate some of the most important nutrients that your body needs, such as  the L-Glutathione, Resveratrol and SAMe.

Essential enzymes can also be rendered useless by stomach acid.

Enteric coating products allows the safe passage through the highly corrosive stomach acids and reach your upper intestines, and when it's there the coating disintegrates and the valuable and sensitive active ingredients inside is released.

Don't worry about the dissolved enteric coating - it is inert (not chemically reactive) and will continue to pass through your digestive system and out of your body.

And once the enteric coating has dissolved, the active ingredients inside will then start to react with specific enzymes that is specifically placed in the supplement, to break it down to smaller size to easily pass through the intestinal walls to ensure maximum absorption of these valuable nutrients.

Note that Xtend-Life only uses Nutrateric II enteric coating, which is the most natural enteric coating available in the world today. It is supplied by Colorcon, the world leader in tablet coatings.

Non-enteric coated tablets:

Xtend-Life uses Colorcon tablet coating on the following products:

These three products are created to have their contents and ingredients released INTO the stomach, because stomach acids do not damage them. Bromelain and Piperine are added to these supplements to ensure that the molecular size of the active ingredients can be effectively transferred through the upper intestinal walls for optimal absorption.

Even though these tablets are not coated with enteric coating, they are sealed to prevent any possible degradation through oxidation (caused by contact with oxygen) before consumption; and this sealant helps with to be easier for swallowing too.

Soft gel capsules:

The following Xtend-Life health supplement products are in soft gel capsules:

As these products are made with natural oils, the best delivery system is the soft gel capsule. Only in the case of the Xtend-Life Lipi-Rite, there is a special combination of oils that is used, which envelopes the powdered active ingredients and helps the effective delivery and absorption.

Hard gel capsules:

The following Xtend-Life products are delivered in hard gel capsules:

These health supplements are designed for the active ingredients to be released into the stomach, making hard gel capsules the ideal delivery system.

Guaranteed right time, right place delivery.

To add onto Xtend-Life utilizing specially designed supplement delivery systems, Xtend-Life's supplements are guaranteed to disintegrate in the body at the appropriate time and place.

You see, both the British Pharmacopeia and the US Pharmacopeia lay down very clear delivery systems testing protocols, and these protocols vary depending on the type of delivery systems ie protocols testing enteric coating vs normal tablet vs soft gels vs hard tablets differ.

All Xtend-Life Supplements are tested using these protocols and meet all their requirements.

#2 Product Synergy

The delivery system is only one-third of the "trinity" of a world-class effective health supplement.

The second part is the synergy of the selected ingredients that makes Xtend-Life's supplements be in a class of their own.

So what happens when many ingredients are combined together in a formula? Three outcomes:

  1. Either they work synergistically TOGETHER and enhance each other OR
  2. They remain neutral with no additional synergy 
  3. OR WORSE: they conflict and fight each other antagonistically

Xtend-Life's research and development focuses on ensuring that:

  • All ingredients are researched, studied and examined in detail and selected for positive interactions that enhances their effectiveness and ensure they do not damage each other (reducing effectiveness/efficacy).
  • Individual ingredients are only used in amounts that have no potential to do damage or harm (an example is high doses of Vitamin C in ascorbic acid form can do more harm than good because they generate additional free radicals)
  • All formulas only contain raw ingredients that are clinically tested and PROVEN to be safe and effective.

Every individual nutrients and ingredients that are used in each product formula are carefully dosed to ensure that your body is provided with the greatest number of 'raw' ingredients to help achieve the objective of each health supplement and to minimize any ingredient wastage.

In fact, Xtend-Life states that all their health supplements can be synergistically taken with each other, so that individual customers with different needs don't have to worry if any of Xtend-Life products clash with each other.

#3 Blending of Ingredients

The third and last third of the trinity of world class health supplements is to ensure that the best ingredients and synergistically selected formulas are combined with the best blending protocol for best and most consistent outcomes.

Xtend-Life has very high demanding and very precise blending protocols which are believed to be the best in the health supplement industry today. This is because the blending process and protocol approach they take is the more time-consuming and therefore more expensive approach.

You see, these blending protocols are critical with the complex synergistical blends that Xtend-Life has created - if these protocols are not followed, it will be impossible to ensure that all the selected active ingredients are distributed evenly throughout all the tablets.

This may be one of the reasons why many health supplement products from other manufacturers fail testing and do not contain what is stated on the label. Also, sometimes because of rushing blending protocols that leads to ingredients not being adequately and fairly distributed throughout each batch process.

Take a look at the table below - it shows you the vast differences between blending protocols of making an Xtend-Life health supplement when compared to a standard health product manufacturer.

The standard health product manufacturer process is a very simple and straightforward 4 steps whereas Xtend-Life's processing is separated according to each ingredients used > blend > dispersement > final addition > remix THEN tablet.

Standard Blending Process

Xtend-Life Blending Process

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