Xtend-Life Total Balance Men's Premium Comprehensive Cellular Multi-vitamins Review

Welcome to the review of Xtend-Life Total Balance Men's Premium Comprehensive Cellular Multi-vitamins, and it is a very well-received multi-vitamins and multi-minerals health supplement that is the flagship of Xtend-Life since the year 2000.

Before this multi-vitamin came out, health supplements by GNC, One A Day, Weider and Rainbow Light then were thought to be one of the best multi-vitamins for men, but that was then.

tend-Life Total Balance Men’s Premium multivitamin is believed by many to be the best multivitamin for men. For quite a while products by Nature Made, GNC, One a Day, and Rainbow Light and Weider were considered to be the best multivitamins for men but that is no longer true.

Read more or buy Total Balance Men's Premium direct from Xtend-Life here

The big question is...does this men's multi-vitamins really work?

Since the year of inception in 2000, it has garnered loyal customers and fans and has scores of testimonials. The Total Balance series is Xtend-Life's flagship and cornerstone health supplement, and launch (and kept) Xtend-Life at the top of the health supplement industry, even till today (more on that below)

Is it really the best Men’s multi-Vitamin supplement?

Product label and Xtend-Life marketing literature indicates that  their Men's Total Balance Premium Comprehensive Cellular Multi-vitamin is researched, tested and formulated just for men. Xtend-Life says that these health multi-vitamins and multi-nutrient supplements are great with active and sporty individuals and exercise enthusiasts.

Xtend-Life is so confident that they encourage and welcome customers to try and compare if they're really the best multi-vitamins on the market.

The New Zealand-based manufacturer, Xtend-Life says that special benefits to men includes health benefits to the male prostate gland, improved overall global energy levels and general health, increased libido and sex stamina, as well as potent antioxidants that fight cancer and free radicals (note: free radical accelerates aging, so combating them is vital to anti-aging, and this is not just about looking good, but it's more about ensuring our organs, cells and physiology doesn't get damaged by free radicals)

The Xtend-Life Total Balance Men's Premium Comprehensive Cellular Multi-vitamins has a full host of complementary vitamins, minerals, active powerful antioxidants, anti-glycation & methylation agents (helps with anti-aging), amino acids (helps with tissue repair), trace elements, enzymes,  neuro-nutrients, flavonoids, carotenoids, adaptogens (helps with anti-aging) calorie restriction mimetics, nutritional co-factors and herbal extracts that meet British Pharmacopeia standards.

This comprehensive men's multi-vitamin contains 99 active ingredients, and this far exceeds and surpasses any of its competition in the world. To add to that, Xtend-Life aims to combine the best of two worlds of medicine:

Western medicine and technologies + Natural naturopathic medicine

The Best Multivitamin for Men (and women) Should Have Anti-Aging Nutrients

In-house studies and high customer health report shows the positive outcomes and health benefits, which includes:

  • improved prostate health
  • increased sex drive as well as sexual stamina and performance
  • more deep and restful sleep
  • improved brain functionality (such as alertness, processing speed, reading speed, information absorption etc)
  • some degree of eye health improvement (note: this product IS NOT an eye health supplement, but it contains some specific nutrients that helps to sustain good eye health)

On top of all the multi-vitamins and multi-minerals contained in it, it also has a lot of anti-aging ingredients added to it, such as methylation agents, adaptogens, anti-glycation agents, etc. Also the vitamin C, E and others in it also have active and powerful antioxidant activity.

Why so many ingredients and nutrients? Xtend-Life believes that because of our lifestyle today, we need better (the best if possible) good vitamins to supplement wellness, endurance, fitness and stamina provided. Of course, we all need to have a healthy/balanced diet, sleep well and handle stress well too.

tell me how Is Total Balance Made?

Xtend-Life is dedicated (obsessive, in a good way that I like) to quality, purity and potency.

They actively and consciously registered, stay registered and compliant with:

  • cGMP which means "current Good Manufacturing Practices"
  • US FDA which is the United States Food & Drugs Administration
  • New Zealand Ministry of Health that places very stringent regulations on supplement companies (on par with US FDA)
  • British Pharmacopeia

Being registered and compliant with the above 4 places Xtend-Life health supplements and skincare products to be one of top manufactured supplements in the world, in terms of compliance to strict regulations by global health organizations.

Then, they focused on bringing in the best and purest quality ingredients. In some cases, only 95% purity and above I was told, but that's not all. Any and all raw ingredients and raw nutrients are sent to independent, third party cGMP-compliant labs such as Alkemist Labs and Asure Labs to test these raw ingredients and raw nutrients. Only those that passes the tests are then certified with a Certificate Of Analysis (COA) and only these are allowed to be used as ingredients for Xtend-Life health supplements and skincare products.

Then, Xtend-Life uses the pharmaceutical blending approach instead of the old-school paddle/ribbon approach. You see, they took this approach because it ensured that every capsule/tablet had the exact same amount of nutrients and ingredients as the other capsules/tablets in that same batch. We want to ensure that your health supplementation is consistent, and definitely don't want some tablets to have little nutrients and some tablets to have too much.

Read more on Total Balance Men's Premium here

Then, they finish the tablets with the expensive method of enteric coating instead of the usual pharmaceutical glaze. The glaze, as it name implies, is a simple glaze that keeps the tablet together. Oh, not Xtend-Life's way. Xtend-Life knew that health supplements with the simple glaze would not protect the contents within from the harsh acids in the stomach - if you take supplements with the usual glaze, our stomach acids will just destroy it in our stomachs, and it'd be (wastefully) disposed as darkened urine or as sweat. Eww. Xtend-Life took the more expensive approach of enteric-coating their tablets to ensure that it will protect against the harsh stomach acids, and these supplements will be able to reach the upper intestines where the nutrients will be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream to work its wonders.

Is this really true? Don't take my word - Xtend-Life then sends their finish health supplements to independent cGMP-compliant labs to test assimilation and absorption rates.

The outcomes? At least 80% absorption each time, and every time. Xtend-Life replicated this test in their in-house lab, and the same was shown, at least 80% absorption each time, every time. This shows that there is a certification and confirmation of high level of absorption. Note that 80% is a very, very high absorption percentage - most health companies do not hit this, and falls far, far short.

All these processes, compliance and dedication to highest quality and purity (and potency) leads to high quality pharmaceutical-grade health supplements, and all these definitely increases costs. Definitely. Xtend-Life try to decrease costs by selling direct to customers through affiliates like myself. This ensures that there is no marked/jacked up price from costs of rental and staffing, and customers get the freshest health supplements and skincare products delivered straight from their facilities in New Zealand.

To make it even better, they offered a full 365 days money back guarantee or full product replacement, if you're not satisfied with any of their products for whatever reasons (giving reason for refund/replacement is optional).

I've shared this before, but it warrants sharing again: being in health and health care industry since 2005 has exposed me to see many things, and I've seen families who have difficulties raising money to pay for health. I've seen bills from 4 figures, to 7 figures. Treating health is not cheap. So when I see these high quality, certified and tested products from Xtend-Life, and their prices, it's a relative matter, it's really affordable, when you consider the pros and cons. Perhaps because I come from a healthcare background, or that medical costs in Singapore is expensive, but Xtend-Life health supplements are pretty affordable.

Buy Total Balance Men's Premium directly from Xtend-Life here

actual Consumer Testimonials

Xtend-Life Total Balance series is very well received in the global markets, and here are some of the testimonials from actual users:

I have been taking Total Balance Men’s 3 x a day, Neuro-Natural General 3 x a day and Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil 2 x a day for the past week and a half….…I’ve had ADD and allergies for as long as I can remember, especially after the age of 8/9. I’m 20 now. In the short time I’ve been taking your products my ADD and allergy symptoms have diminished quickly…..

I know your products are working because I’ve been taking prescription medications to treat my symptoms for over a decade…..As soon as I took your products I quit taking my prescriptions cold turkey. In less than a day I noticed that my ADD was virtually gone, I sleep better, I have more energy and my allergies are reduced as well.

The disappearance of my allergies is a huge difference because spring is here and allergies have hit my region and I’m virtually unaffected.

William, USA

I am now 57. Your supplements have made possible the following measurable differences…. A Pulmonary Function Test at the hospital in February 2003 (before using Xtend-Life products) showed a 45% increase in lung capacity after using Ventolin. A 10% increase indicates asthma. I was prescribed a puffer to be used for the rest of my life and told that I would never get my lung capacity back.

I began using Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s Premium, and Omega 3 DHA fish oil supplement in December 2003. In February 2005 after using your products for 14 months, a follow up Pulmonary Function Test showed only a 15% increase in lung capacity after using Ventolin.

My Doctor was surprised with such a reversal of an irreversible condition….

Steve W, Canada

I’ve been worried about the vitamins and cancer connection. Big Pharma and health has never been synonymous either. I want a long career, a long sexual life while I continue dating my wife; I want to continue to go to the gym.

Yea, Pharma & Healthcare don’t mix.

Paul Offit says mens health can be enhanced by taking good vitamins, and I believe I’ve found one here. This is a great product, and I don’t say that lightly. I feel a tangible difference in my health when I take this product. Thank you.

J. Raburn California, USA

Is There a product Guarantee?

Yes, there is.

I am very excited to share that Xtend-Life provides a full 365-days money back guarantee or full product replacement, if you're not fully satisfied with the product.

I say that I'm excited to have this one year money back guarantee not only because it shows Xtend-Life's confidence in their product, but also because as a consumer, I have option to return plus the word "guarantee" doesn't exist in medical and healthcare at all - no medical professionals can offer guarantees.

Xtend-Life says that their return rates are very low, as customers are usually pretty happy with the health benefits outcome from their products.

how much does it cost?

It sells for $51.50 USD per bottle and each bottle contains 105 enteric coated comprehensive multi-vitamins, multi-nutrients and antioxidants for men.

Buy Total Balance Men's Premium directly from Xtend-Life here

Tell me, What About Shipping Cost?

For any orders $60 USD and above, Xtend-Life will ship to you for free, no matter where you are in the world.

If your orders are below $60 USD, then there will be a flat fee of $6.50 USD too, and again, to anywhere in the world.

Note: even if you pay $6.50 USD, it's pretty good price but it makes more sense and value to me to hit the $60 USD price (I'd rather spend money on products than on shipping fees)

any negatives or Customer Complaints?

The number #1 complaint about Xtend-Life Total Balance Men's Premium Comprehensive Cellular Multi-vitamins is the price.

Xtend-Life explains that its way more costly if you try to buy all the multi-vitamins and multi-nutrients separately (will cost at least $300 - $500). Plus if you re-read the part of their obsessive dedication to quality, purity and potency (see above on dedication to compliance, pure and potent ingredients that needs to be certified, manufacturing processes, finishing, and product testing on absorption, proven 80% assimilation and even money back guarantee) - creating a pharmaceutical health supplement that carries its own weight in the global world.

Since 2000, it is at the top of the multi-vitamins charts and is still there, with lots of returning customers - that speaks volumes for itself.

where to find More Information?

Xtend-Life provides a lot of information regarding Total Balance Men's Premium here and their products all undergoes actual in-house clinical testings and studies, there is available product ingredient info, health benefits you can expect if one uses the product regularly, recommended directions etc and so on.


  • All Xtend-Life health supplements and skincare products are made in a FDA-registered and GMP-compliant facilities
  • Xtend-Life controls the entire manufacturing process from raw ingredients to manufacturing to bottling to ensure highest quality and purity
  • The enteric coating is pharmaceutical quality and certified that 80% minimum of the tablets are assimilated and absorbed
  • Xtend-Life guarantees users will notice improvement in health
  • All their products including the Total Balance for Men Premium product has a 365 days money back guarantee, or full product replacement (at customer discretion/choice)


  • It’s more expensive than other generic multivitamins products on the market
  • Shipping can take more than a week once the order is made (depending on where it's being delivered to or if there's any delays due to events)
  • Some prefer products from other countries such as America, Australia etc (Xtend-Life is a New Zealand based company)

Where Can One Buy Total Balance?

You can’t buy Xtend-Life products in health food stores, pharmacies, health centers, or grocery-food stores. The company sells all their health supplements and skincare products directly online to the consumer, usually by affiliates like myself, and this decision is made by the founder and owner of Xtend-Life because it

  • decreases costs to consumers as there is no rental/staffing/etc
  • prices will be controlled (wont be manipulated)
  • AND you get the freshest stock delivered directly to you, wherever you are in the world (US, UK, Europe, Asia - wherever you are), right from Xtend-Life's headquarters facility in Christchurch, New Zealand
Xtend-Life provides a lot of information regarding You can buy Total Balance Men's Premium directly from Xtend-Life here

I hope this review has been useful and helpful in helping you make a conscious health decision for yourself, your families and friends.

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