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For me, as a man, a husband to my wife, a father to my kid, a sibling/son to my family, a boss to my staff - I personally try my level best to take care of my own health...so that I can be as healthy, well and fit, to prolong healthy life to be around people I love and appreciate.

I had lost my health before, during my early stages of building my business (or for some, due to career, bad habits etc) - and now you're looking to build, achieve and maintain optimal health, then I believe and recommend that Xtend-Life can help you.

What they do is to research, develop and create all natural, scientifically formulated natural health supplements and skin care products with health benefit outcomes that has never been seen before in the health supplement industry.

Please select from one of the below categories for further information about products that may be right for you…

  1. General health and energy

    No matter what your age or health is like now, regardless if you're at the top of health or if you suffer from health issues - frankly, diet and exercise alone are good but not enough to improve your health.

    With the level of stresses and demands in today's lifestyle, combined with foods that has poorer nutritional qualities, a man needs advanced health nutritional supplements to help build and maintain good health. Read more on improving your general health and energy here.

  2. Hormones and Hormonal Support

    Most men realize and are aware of how important hormones are in a woman's life, but they themselves may not be aware of how important hormones are for men's lives too.

    An example is if your testosterone (hormone) level dips, you may experience a dip in energy, strength and even sexual drive (libido). And that's just talking about one hormone, a small part in a very complex system. Read more on hormone support for men here.

  3. Prostate Health

    As we men age and enter our 40s and 50s (and beyond), we need to pay more and more attention to the health and function of our prostate. In fact, it needs to be an important routine even, for our health and wellness.

    Matters such as high urination frequency, difficulty sleeping at night, lowered sexual drive and even issues like erectile dysfunction (ED) may all be signs of a prostate problem. Read more on natural support for the male prostate here.

  4. Digestion and Digestive Health

    Our gut and digestive health is the foundation of all health. You see, good health is not possible if our body is unable to properly digest and properly absorb nutrients and nourishment.

    You will know if your digestive health is working well (or not) by the smoothness/effectiveness of:

    a) at least one or two easy bowel movements per day
    b) little to no experience of indigestion, stomach or intestinal discomfort at any time...

    Read more on digestion and digestive health here.

  5. Brain and Nervous System

    Frankly, this is my greatest fear - incidences of dementia and Alzheimer's and brain and nervous system problems (I've covered geriatric, neurological and mental health wards when I worked in hospitals - it's very, very scary to lose one's mental health).

    Sadly, such incidences are increasingly prevalent in younger and younger individuals, and many experts and researchers are attributing this due to the modern diet which is calorie-rich-nutrient-poor and high in contaminants such as chemical preservatives and flavoring. Increased pollution and radiation also plays a role. Read more on brain and nervous system here.

  6. Skin care and skin support

    High quality skin care products are important to a large extent, but they're only half the equation on healthy, supple and strong skin.

    The answer to healthy, supple and strong skin is proper intake of vital nutrients as it helps to facilitate cellular-level processes like defence against free radical as well as cellular repair. As our bodies regard hair and skin as "non-essential tissues", they tend to be the last to get nutrients they need to look their best...read more on men skin care and skin support here.

  7. Immunity and Immune Support

    Being in a healthcare industry, I'm frequently fascinated by how our immunity and immune system work - everyone's body has their own personal "defending army" that serves to protect our health throughout life. Although we all are born with this defensive army yet not all armies are strong.

    From time to time, our immunity defences are overwhelmed and we get sick. We are threatened every single day with external threats such as 'bugs', viruses, hazards; and internal threats which happens at a cellular level. Read more on boosting your immunity and immune support here.

  8. Support For Diabetics

    Diabetes Melitus Type 1 and 2 is truly a fearsome condition. As of today, the numbers of type-2 insulin-resistance diabetes is growing rapidly around the western and Asian world, such as United States, Mexico, Australia, England, Indonesia, Malaysia and more.

    There are multiple factors that increases the risk of developing type-2 diabetes, most of them are related to lifestyle and diet, but some are not and can be due to other factors. If you have type-2 diabetes and you're looking for natural health supplements to help balance blood sugar (glucose) levels, there are many health products to choose from. Read more support for diabetics here.

  9. Support For Your Heart And Circulatory System (Cardio)

    If the stomach is the beginning of all health, then our heart is the pump that keeps everything going - when it comes to preventative health you need to pay a lot of attention to your cardiovascular system and its health.

    At the center of the cardiovascular system is our heart, and as our heart is the primary motor to keeps us alive, we have to do our best to ensure that our hearts (and the hearts of our loved ones) keep beating healthily, for as long as they can. Read more on support for your heart and circulatory system here.

  10. Bone And Joints Health

    Our bones and joints are known as the skeletal structure of our bodies, and they create the "frame" that holds our organs, muscles and everything together. Without bones, we would be draping blankets.

    Without strong bones and joints, we will likely have poorer mobility because of increased risks of bone and joint injuries. We will also likely suffer pain and discomfort. To make matters worse, as we age, our bone density tends to decrease, and this can lead to osteoporosis (brittle bones) which in turn breaks easily, causing pain and possibly being wheelchair/bed-ridden.

    We can also develop arthritis in our joints, which can cause a lot of pain (I know because I deal with many arthritic patients in our clinics)...and because of my knowledge and experience, some people think that "pain is normal and part of growing older" or "poor bone health is part of growing older/poor calcium intake" - not true. Read more on bone and joints support and health here.

  11. Men's Sexual Health

    Having good and healthy sexual lives and health is important for well-being and overall health, including the health of your prostate. If you're experiencing decreased libido, or experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), you will need to pay particular attention to find out what is causing it and intervene.

    If you have erectile dysfunction, it may be an early sign from your body of a potential cardiovascular problem, so please do not ignore it - do a health check and a check on your cardiovascular system. Read more on men's sexual health here.

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