Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural Serenity Brain and Mood Supplement Review

Welcome to the review of the Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural Serenity product.

A quick question:

Are there any pharmaceutical-level natural supplements for our brains and depression that are more effective than anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac or Zoloft?

Seems like there is.

I hope the Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural Serenity Brain and Mood Supplement review will help you see if there's other options for you other than anti-depressants such as Prozac or Zoloft.

Being in the health industry, I have a rough understanding of how vast and how many suffer from depression and low moods around the world - there are literally millions of sufferers. That's why it's also unsurprising that many pharmaceutical drug companies on the market such as Celexa, Paxil, Prozac, Luvox and Zoloft are very popular.

But, there are many downsides to taking these pharmaceutical anti-depressant drugs. First of all, they tend to be expensive...but more importantly, many of them have negative side effects...of which you'll have to take more medications to counter those side effects. Which is why often people end up with multiple pills and medications.

Some of the reported side effects that have been associated with anti-depressive medications include but are not limited to sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, physical weakness or fatigue, anxiety, loss of appetite,  nervousness, nausea, dry mouth, increased mental agitation and headaches.

Now, isn't there a better medical alternative?

Up to the year 2005, there was 44,000 negative reports that has been filed with the United States FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) on the drug Prozac alone. This doesn't count the negative reports filed after 2005.

One specific report about Prozac said this:

“Out of those reports there are about 2,500 deaths with the large majority of them linked to suicide or violence. The suicide statistics relating to women [taking Prozac] are shocking.”

Prozac is a product of Eli Lily, and is one of the first to be accepted as a serotonergic anti-depressant medication. Ever since the day it was accepted and placed on the market, Prozac has been making the company Eli Lily an average of $7,000,000 a day, United States Dollars.

Yes, $7 million per day (or an estimate of $210 million per month). It's a very significant amount.

As a result of some of the noxious side effected associated with Prozac, Eli Lily as a company has been sued for specific Prozac-related deaths through America and the United States.

brain and mood Supplements for Depression Have Grown In Popularity Due to The Side Effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs Like Prozac

It’s fair to say that the side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs that natural antidepressants have grown massively.

So back to the question if there is good and natural anti-depressant products out there, such as supplements that don't come with negative side effects - New Zealand natural supplement maker says that their product, Neuro-Natural Serenity fits the bill.

Some questions people may raise:

  • is it an alternative therapy product?
  • is it some herbal therapy or herbal remedy for low mood or depression?

Not particularly - the Neuro-Natural Serenity is a very high grade, pharmaceutical quality brain and mood supplement. Many herbs like the the St John's wort are very popular  for the effectiveness and efficacy and getting popularity from Oprah, Harvard University, Dr Oz to XM satellite radio, which also boosts the popularity of herbs and herbal remedies.

The truth of the matter is that in America, therapeutic modalities such as herbs, music therapy, reflexology, guided imagery, complementary acupuncture, visualization etc - these stuff are way more popular around the world than they really are in the United States. Like fitness exercise is good for our heart and lungs, herbal remedies work.

The Neuro-Natural Serenity, though it's not a herbal remedy, is a specific vitamin supplement blend designed specificly for those who suffer from low mood and depression.

Xtend-Life, the manufacturer of this product, says that their Neuro-Natural Serenity brain and mood supplement product is a sustainable and viable alternative to Paxil and other anti-depressant drugs at a much more affordable and value for money.

Neuro-Natural Serenity: Is This Correct?

Customers of Xtend-Life has been praising the company for their superior quality health supplements and skincare products as well as their great customer service.

You know, when I was first introduced to Xtend-Life in early 2013, I was pretty shocked and amazed at the same time to learn of their dedication to quality and that they make all their health supplements and skincare products at pharmaceutical-grade quality. And to be compliant in both Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the United States Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) - all these are very, very high distinctive marks of very high level quality of products and the integrity of the company. I do not say this lightly, as I personally run and build my own businesses with the same level of expectation and integrity as well, so I can personally and professional appreciate it.

Being GMP compliance essentially means that everything from the raw nutrients and sourcing, the  manufacturing processes, and the product diagnostics are compliant equivalent to a pharmaceutical drug company’s protocols as outlined by GMP requirements. Pharmaceutical grade GMP compliance is very much superior to run-of-the-mill supplement makers. Even NSF for Sport GMP compliance is inferior to pharmaceutical grade GMP compliance.

Xtend-Life’s Neuro-Natural Serenity is made with standards that complies with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for pharmaceutical drugs. In truth, certain of their processes actually also complies with the well respected British Pharmacopoeia standards.

For a nutritional supplement organization, this is very, very uncommon and rare.

The raw nutrients or ingredients for the Neuro-natural supplement is very unique - Xtend-Life seems to be very committed to take the best of traditional nutrients with difficult-to-use herbal extracts, and this is a rare move combining western medicine and herbal medicine.

The unique blend of ingredients that Xtend-Life offers with their Neuro-Natural Serenity has given them real success with their customers in lessening and limiting the sufferings and pains of low moods and  depression.

Some of the herbal extracts that are found in the Neuro-Natural Serenity includes:

  • ginkgo biloba
  • Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus)
  •  valerian extract and
  • grape seed extract.

Ginkgo biloba and ginseng are each on its own quite rich, robust and qualify to be included in the pantheon of “superfood.” Ginkgo biloba is not that well known in the United States, but in Europe, it’s prescribed by doctors in Germany as an anti-depressant.

Another powerful antidepressant ingredient can be found in the product is SAM-e, which is S-Adenosylmethionine, a potent natural antidepressant. SAM-e (pronounced “Sammy”) is a naturally occurring compound that helps regulate brain neurotransmitters such as serotonin.

SAM-e is a vital component in this supplement, as Xtend-Life believes it as vital component in the creation of two compounds found in the brain, namely, phosphatidylserine and neurotransmitters. Our friend SAMe helps neurotransmitters bind to receptor sites, which increases dopamine and serotonin.

You see, these neurotransmitters powerfully influence our’s moods. There is significant clinical studies and data that highlights how SAM-e is an effective antidepressant for humans.

Find out more about the ingredients and their effects in Neuro-Natural Serenity here

Clinical  evidence demonstrates that 7 in 10 of those taking SAM-e receive the desired antidepressant therapeutic benefit.

Astonishing enough, that is the same degree medically prescribed antidepressants such as Paxil or Prozac are reported to give.

However, Xtend-Life says their product doesn’t give side effects. Moreover, SAM-e works better and they say faster than prescription antidepressants like Prozac.

Xtend-Life asserts that those take Neuro-Natural Serenity, “Will notice quite a difference. Anxiety and panic attacks are part of the stress that are associated with depressive states and neurological disorders.”

Moreover Xtend-Life also says that the Neuro-Natural Serenity supplement product will assist humans in the “re-balancing of the neurotransmitters in your brain and nervous system in a completely natural and relaxed way” and all without terrible and unwanted side effects.

What customers and users Are Saying About  Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural Serenity brain and mood Supplements

Neuro-Natural Serenity has received a number of unsolicited testimonials, including:

I love your products and your customer service is one of the best ever. I have turned my loved one onto your products as well. He was extremely chemically imbalanced and it was having a major effect on his everyday performance.

Now after 2 months of using, serenity, Male Rejuvenator, omegas and your multi-vitamin nutriments….he is a completely new and grounded and energized beautiful being. For me, I can feel that my body functions so much better with your supplements.

It’s important for me to optimum health….so thank you for you. I wish you much abundance.

Tonya R, USA

I suffer from anxiety for passed few months, and I already tried Xanax, also my doc proposed me antidepressants. From natural remedies I already tried SJW, with not much of the effects; and then I found your product. After little bit over week, I started to feel better.

Greg, USA

Really happy with this product. It has helped my depression naturally and thank heaven without the terrible side effects. I am also using St. Johns wort and other herbs. I’m exercising too and that makes me feel better, but all in all, I have to say that I think this Neuro-Natural Serenity is the secret.

That’s not to diminish the others, btw.

I am happy with the effect St. John’s Wort is giving and I feel eating better has helped me, too. I am also happy as a customer that the products are made according to stringent standards. I didn’t even know a supplement company could meet GMP standards or British Pharmacopeia regs. Thank you.

John, UK

If you’d like to read more customer reviews on the Neuro Natural Serenity product, click on this link.

Any Customer Complaints?

No reviews would be complete without covering negatives or criticisms.

So far, there are no specific product complaints that one can find, and the product seems to appear well-formulated and a  highly bio-available brain and mood supplement.

One complaint, though, is its price. The $42.50 for a two-week supply seems to be high to many. (Xtend-Life recommends to take 6 tablets a day, which means that one bottle of 90 tablets can only last for 15 days).

Xtend-Life explained that all their products are pharmaceutical-grade quality, as they are created in GMP- and FDA-compliant facilities as per pharmaceutical drug standards. In fact, their supplements also actually meet British Pharmacopoeia standards.

There is a certain price and costs associated with in the increased dedication to quality and compliance, and Xtend-Life has tried their best to manage costs by cutting out the middleman and wholesalers as they sell direct. In fact, during their earlier days they entertained the idea of utilizing a multi-level marketing distribution model but gave it up after seeing it more detrimental than positive - good idea.

Now with the advent and reach of the internet, and a potential worldwide market and distribution, Xtend-Life instead opted for the current marketing and distribution model. As an entrepreneur, business owner and health supplement consumer - this made a lot of sense to me.

Xtend-Life also shared with the affiliates that their profit margin was very small, in order to control and limit costings to the customers.

Given the quality of the core and unique ingredients (and how they source the highest quality ones), their FDA- and GMP-compliant facilities, their research and dedicated manufacturing processes, I strongly believe that their products can be a lot highly priced.

Plus, pharmaceutical drugs and medications are a lot more expensive and usually come with lots of nasty and negative side effects. In contrast, Xtend-Life's Neuro-Natural Serenity are pharmaceutical grade quality, doesn't come with nasty side effects and more importantly, helps to resolve significant health, low mood and depressive issues.

Is There a Product Guarantee for Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural Serenity?

Yes there is. Xtend-Life provides a full 365 days money back guarantee or full product replacement if you're not fully satisfied with the product (they provide this guarantee for all their health supplements and skincare products, as a mark of their confidence).

Having a money back guarantee is something that you will never see in a pharmaceutical company or a medical company - guarantees does not exist there (I know as I come from a health background), so having such a strong guarantee is very refreshing.

What’s The Price?

One bottle of Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural Serenity sells for $42.50. In each bottle are 90 enteric-coated tablets.

Instructions are to take 6 tablets per day (for best results, to split into 3 tablets in morning, and 3 tablets in evening), and so one bottle of 90 tablets will last for 2 weeks.

Buy the Neuro-Natural Serenity directly from Xtend-Life here

Free Shipping?

Xtend-Life provides free shipping to anywhere in the world if your order amount is $60 USD and above. For orders less than $60 USD, there is a flat fee of $6.50 for shipping and handling fee - deliver to anywhere in the world.

Depending on where you're at in the world, you'd get your product within 5 to 10 days, usually earlier rather than later.

Where Can i Buy the Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural Serenity brain and mood supplement?

You can’t buy Xtend-Life products in health food stores, pharmacies, health centers, or grocery-food stores. The company sells all their health supplements and skincare products directly online to the consumer, usually by affiliates like myself, and this decision is made by the founder and owner of Xtend-Life because it

  • decreases costs to consumers as there is no rental/staffing/etc
  • prices will be controlled (wont be manipulated)
  • AND you get the freshest stock delivered directly to you, wherever you are in the world (US, UK, Europe, Asia - wherever you are), right from Xtend-Life's headquarters facility in Christchurch, New Zealand
Buy the Neuro-Natural Serenity directly from Xtend-Life here

These supplements for low moods and depression may just be what the doctor ordered though they are not medical pharmaceutical drugs.

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