Xtend-Life Men's Age Defying Cleansing Mask Review

Welcome to this review of the Xtend-Life Men's Age Defying Cleansing Mask skincare product. It's formulated specifically for men's skin, and Xtend-Life does have a line of products just for women too - see the women's skincare range here.

Product Quality

If you've read/been reading any of the other reviews on XtendHealthAsia.com, I tend to start reviews by first touching base on product quality, and there is a reason for this.

You see, the supplement industry is/has been fraught with high volume of fraud cases and it is very important to both Xtend-Health.com and myself to ensure that what I review AND endorse is good for our readers and consumers.

One of the things and reasons why I am an affiliate for Xtend-Life and their health supplements because I am really awed and inspired by their intolerance to substandard quality in sourcing and the manufacturing process - I've covered those topics in Xtend-Life's dedication to:

Xtend-Life is extremely serious about product quality, obsessive, even. And I LOVE it (I also become obsessive with high standards for my businesses, as it must deliver high to awesome value to my customers).

All their products are good manufacturing practices or GMP-compliant as well as made in a FDA-registered facility. That’s actually very impressive for a supplement company because it's a very rigorous, tedious and expensive process. Plus, many of their procedures actually meet British Pharmacopeia standards, which is rare.

Features of Xtend-Life Men's Age Defying Cleansing Mask

Xtend-Life is confident that they and their product have a more competitive advantage with the ingredients in the Age Defying Cleansing Mask for men.

Most important to note is their own proprietary Xtend-K ingredient. Xtend-K is a bio-active keratin that helps skin care to re-grow, rejuvenate and re-vitalize. Xtend-Life helps to "de-age" the skin and helps to make the skin younger (note that Xtend-K is found in all Xtend-Life’s skincare products, both the men and women lines.)

Xtend-Life says it is:

“thе сlоѕеѕt thіng to a miracle anti-aging fоrmulаtіоn fоr the ѕkіn so fаr dіѕсоvеrеd.”

Another anchor and focal ingredient is kaolin.

Kaolin is an extract that is native and unique to a special type of clay found only in New Zealand. This clay has disinfectant attributes and helps to heal blemishes as well as prevent new ones from forming. According to Xtend-Life, kaolin is a deep cleaning substance that cleans as it nourishes.

Shea butter is made from the shea tree, and is well known for its emollient properties. It helps to soothe the skin and at the same time, also deeply moisturizes the skin.

Xtend-Life says that:

“Shea butter соntаіnѕ a variety of natural аntі-іnflаmmаtоrу аgеntѕ аnd also acts as a minor sunscreen agent. 

Clіnісаl ѕtudіеѕ have ѕhоwn that ѕhеа buttеr can transform thе ѕkіn іn as lіttlе as four tо ѕіx wееkѕ, making it softer, smoother, аnd уоungеr looking.”

Another key ingredient is manuka honey.

Manuka honey also comes from New Zealand and contains very special properties that contains enzymes that are research and scientifically proven to heal the skin as well as restore and rejuvenate our skin to make our skin more supple, smooth and youthful looking.

Macadamia oil is also included in the cleansing mask, which is well known for its age-defying/anti-aging properties.

Xtend-Life says that all these key ingredients works harmoniously,  synergistically and collective to clean, rejuvenate and de-age our skin.

Here is the ingredient list:

  • Xtend-TK
  • Kaolin
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Shea butter
  • Bentone Gel
  • Allantoin
  • Natural vitamin E
  • Manuka honey

What is The Price of Xtend-Life Men's Age Defying Cleansing Mask?

One tube of the Xtend-Life Men's Age Defying Cleansing Mask is 50ml / 1.7oz and retails for $28.00 USD (United States Dollar).

You can read more about this product's ingredients, frequently asked questions, reviews etc here.

Depending on how often and how much you use, one tube can last you for months. Xtend-Life recommends to use another skincare product on alternating weeks to complement this product.

Is There a Product Guarantee?


I am very proud to say that Xtend-Life provides a full, ONE year money back guarantee or product replacement. This means that if for whatever reason within 365 days of purchase and you're not happy with it, you can request for a full money back guarantee or product replacement.

This speaks volumes as a company and manufacturer - one year is a very long time.

Customer Reviews

I love frankness and openness, so Xtend-Life was first founded as a health supplement company that is very well known for very high quality ingredients as well as rigorous testing and manufacturing processes, and they produced health supplements such as multivitamin for men and women, fish oil supplements, cholesterol lowering supplements and more.

They then decided to take the same rigorous manufacturing and testing processes, as well as their same dedication to sourcing very high quality ingredients, and to move into the skincare and beauty arena.

They took a full two years to research and develop a comprehensive line of Xtend-Life Men's and Women's skincare products.

I аm a nеw сuѕtоmеr, and I have bееn uѕіng (3) of уоur skin products fоr men, fоr a little mоrе than thrее wееkѕ nоw. I use the Facial Fluіd, bоth mоrnіng and еvеnіng, аnd I alternate the Clеаnѕіng аnd Hydrating lоtіоnѕ, аѕ suggested, еvеrу оthеr week.
I hаvе аlwауѕ had a fаіrlу decent skin соmрlеxіоn, but I wіll be 60 years оld оn Monday, аnd thе ѕіgnѕ оf aging аrе apparent, еvеn thоugh mу frіеndѕ and fаmіlу say, thаt look like I аm in my 40’s. I саn hоnеѕtlу rероrt to уоu, thаt I аm аlrеаdу bеgіnnіng tо see a сhаngе іn mу ѕkіn. It feels ѕmооthеr аnd ѕоftеr, аnd ѕоmе оf mу аgіng ѕроtѕ, hаvе even begun lightening.
I was quіtе ѕkерtісаl аbоut anything, reasonable іn price, оn thе mаrkеt, thаt соuld help ease thе іnеvіtаblе аgіng рrосеѕѕ. I dіd mу rеѕеаrсh оn аll the collagen, etc. рrоduсtѕ thаt аrе оffеrеd, mоѕt оf which are аѕtrоnоmісаl in price (аnd dоn’t wоrk), and thеn I discovered Xtеnd-lіfе. I researched уоur соmраnу, аnd the іngrеdіеntѕ thаt you uѕе іn уоur vаrіоuѕ рrоduсtѕ. What I hаvе ѕurрrіѕіnglу, аnd рlеаѕаntlу dіѕсоvеrеd, is thаt уоu tell thе truth (unlіkе аll thе hіgh priced nаmе brаndѕ), about what is gооd аnd whаt іѕ bad fоr уоur ѕkіn. Unеquіvосаllу, your рrоduсtѕ dо whаtеvеr аll thе rеѕt say thаt thеу wіll do, but fаіl….I оnlу wish thаt I hаd known аbоut you 5-10 years аgо!
I аm ѕо glаd thаt I decided tо tаkе a сhаnсе on uѕіng уоur рrоduсtѕ. I fully understand that wе саnnоt ѕtор from gеttіng оldеr, but іf we саn help rеduсе thе outward signs оf іt, hеаlthіlу, thеn thаt іѕ аll we can ask fоr…I аm now, a lоуаl сuѕtоmеr for lіfе, аnd I hаvе аlrеаdу bеgun telling mу frіеndѕ аnd fаmіlу аbоut mу nеw аnd wоndеrful dіѕсоvеrу!  A nеw, but now lоуаl customer!

Dеnnіѕ K, USA

I аm vеrу happy wіth уоur product lооk аnd fееl, tеxturеd еtс.  Mаnу thаnkѕ,

Fаbrісіо C, Italy

Regarding thе ѕkіn сrеаm- I аm vеrу pleased about thе male оnе, mу skin has never lооkеd thіѕ good!!

Mісhаеl F, USA


  • It is made in a fully owned, GMP-registered and FDA-registered facility (this means that it likely creates very high quality products)
  • It took extensive research and development, two years in the making. This means that it's not a hastily-put-together skincare product, but likely a very high quality one
  • Has cutting-edge ingredients that no one else has access
  • It is an anti-aging moisturizer, has some body lotion properties, and rejuvenating properties
  • Easy to use
  • Offers a full one-year (365 days) money back product guarantee
  • Complementary to other skincare products
  • Paraben-free and chemical-free


  • Some may think the price is too high
  • It is made by a company well known for its supplements but not skincare products

Where Can I Buy This age defying cleansing mask?

You can’t buy Xtend-Life products in health food stores, pharmacies, health centers, or grocery-food stores. The company sells all their health supplements and skincare products directly online to the consumer, usually by affiliates like myself, and this decision is made by the founder and owner of Xtend-Life because it

  • decreases costs to consumers as there is no rental/staffing/etc
  • prices will be controlled (wont be manipulated)
  • AND you get the freshest stock delivered directly to you, wherever you are in the world (US, UK, Europe, Asia - wherever you are), right from Xtend-Life's headquarters facility in Christchurch, New Zealand
You can buy Xtend-Life Men's Age Defying Cleansing Mask here , but you are free to choose.

 So, what's the verdict?

Ingredients are high quality, and it is made in GMP-registered and FDA-registered facilities so it's a very high quality product.

Xtend-Life says that it's so safe and pure that you can actually and literally eat it (frankly, I prefer using it for my face rather than eat it, but it's good to know that it's that safe).

It has garnered a large customer base, so consumers are coming back to purchase and use it again and again, which speak volumes.

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