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is aging an illness? Can it be stopped?

Forward thinking scientists and researchers are saying that the understanding of the word "aging" can be understood as "a disease". In fact, some researchers suggests that aging may be reversed, controlled and managed...but as we go onto 2016 and beyond, that idea and dream is still not reality yet.

At this point in time in medical and health research and technology, no one has managed to pinpoint or find out exactly how and what to do or take to reverse aging per se...BUT what science and research has been able to find out is that it IS possible to slow down the aging process with some efforts, the right knowledge/how-to and even avoid the infamous degenerative diseases.

To do this we have to manage a number of issues and challenges:

#1 Stress

This is one of the major contributor to diseases, bad health and shortened life span. Many people live with stress and are just unaware how bad stress can negatively influence their health (there is good stress, which is good; and bad stress, which needs to be contained and avoided)

#2 Lack of Adequate Nutrients

Today some authorities are trying to state that the food we eat today will be enough to give us all the nutrients and nourishment our bodies need. That is a myth...unless you grow your own organic vegetables and fruits, rear your own organic meats and have access to pure uncontaminated water...and avoid everything from the supermarket.

Today, the quality of nutrients in our foods have severely degraded over time due to over-farming, pollution, decreased maturation (products are harvested early), devaluation due to travel etc - these lead to insufficient nutrients in the modern food supply to sustain your organs and have them continue to function effectively throughout your lifetime.

#3 Pollution and Environmental Hazards

There are so much harmful chemicals and dangerous stuff that is all around us - chemicals that leach out of your furnitures and carpets, the foods that we eat that are full of preservatives (and the factories that created them that are full of harmful chemicals), cleaning materials...and we hadn't even covered matters such as air pollutions, water and earth pollution.

#4 Modern Lifestyle That Is Sedentary and Lack of Exercise

As a healthcare therapist specializing in sports injuries and orthopedic conditions, I can tell you with full conviction that our human bodies are made to move.

Anytime someone doesn't move, our bodies will develop problems - from muscle dystrophy (muscles losing their size and strength), to joints shortening and tightening, to increased risks of infections (as we move, our lungs breathe harder, which strengthens our lungs against infections etc).

Truly, if you don't use it, you will lose it. All individuals are highly required to move actively if we want to remain active, mobile, strong and mentally sharp.

#5 Lacking Harmony and Inner Peace

A modern and fast paced society often lacks inner peace and harmony - everyone is basically so busy, there's no time to think, reflect, chat and grow...but this is so important as it's very linked to life philosophy and how we deal with stress.

Harmony and inner peace often comes from living by principles of doing our best for all humans and animals, forgiveness and letting go.

So...how long should we live for?

This is a tricky question, filled with much heated debates and disagreements. Some scientists claim that one can live more than 200+ years; Methuselah from the Christian bible lived to 969 years old - but these are far out of reach for my experience in healthcare.

What we learned in school and observed from real life experiences is that life is truly fleeting, and though research and studies may show that people usually live up to 80s and 90s if they are healthy, but many can pass away anytime from birth due to multiple reasons.

For the case of Xtend-Life and the regular individual, let's stick to normal ranges of 70s to 90s.

Xtend-Life Founder, Warren Matthews, believes from his research that it is possible and achievable to live to the maximum human life span of 120 years. At point of writing, he is close to 70 years old and is free from any signs of degenerative diseases and he is personally confident to achieve his goal.

Over the next 20 to 40 years, we likely will see more and more people who will live up to the ripe age of 120 years, and even beyond, and in good health, and without the need of medicine that masks/numbs symptoms and do not treat the main problem (in fact, many medicines causes more side effects than anything)

If you have decided to live a full, long and healthy life, I believe Xtend-Life can support you with, which is getting the nutrients that your body, organs and system need to overcome the 4 main proponents of aging and death.

If you can successfully address these 4 proponents through good nutrition, you likely have a much better chance to avoid the 5th proponent of aging and degeneration, which is irregular/deregulation of your hormones.

What Xtend-Life does is that it provides high quality anti aging nutrients and supplements.

There is a 6th proponent that also exacerbates premature aging, which is having an ineffective gut and digestive health. If our digestive system is ineffective or compromised, constantly under stress and storing toxins - it will not be able to function best, and this will lead to gradual development of degenerative conditions, as well as bloating, aching, tiredness, brittle bones/nails/hair, and more.

Read more below to find out some suggestions to help you build an effective anti-aging regime; the products mentioned will also be helpful in multiple areas as well.

Click on each of the 4 main proponents of aging to learn more about them (they'll open in a new window)

Four Main Causes of Aging

#1 Free Radicals

Free radicals are created by oxidation and oxidative stress, and what they do is their number 1 job is to attack and destroy normal, healthy cells (this is a very bad thing). Cells that is unable to repair or renew itself then dies, and this accelerates the aging process (contrastly, having high number of cells that can repair, renew and replicate itself leads to youth and health). More free radicals means accelerated cellular death and aging. Read more on free radicals here.

#2 Glycation

If you thought free radicals was bad, glycation is worse. It's more dangerous than free radicals, because it causes good and normal cells to "stick" to each other more and more, and this causes its size to increase more and more over time...and it'd slowly form a mass that secretes toxins and other harmful products in your body. It is able to stimulate the creation of free radicals, and even causes and aggravates heart diseases and wrinkles by sticking to skin proteins and collagen. Read more on glycation here.

#3 Methylation

The methylation process is a very important process that is key for many proteins, DNA and other processes. An example is the well known "feel good" serotonin - it needs to be methylated for it to be used. You can think of the methylation process like an activator to activate and start key processes and proteins etc (much like the starter plug in a car that is required to start a car).

Without proper methylation process, our bodies will physically and literally break down, in just a matter of days. The problem is, as we grow older, our methylation process and capabilities also slow down, and we need to increase it instead. Read more on methylation here.

#4 Inflammation

On top of proponents #1, #2 and #3 above, our bodies and system has to fight and overcome inflammation and inflammatory response every moment and everyday of our lives.

Thing is, all these 4 proponents are inter-connected and inter-related.

Inflammation is a normal and natural response to danger, and what happens during actual or perceived dangerous situations, it causes defensive and destructive chemicals to be released (it's like weapons to fight and defend). Too much and uncontrolled, it will eat away at even functional and good healthy tissues, and can lead to problems such as dementia, arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases - and more.

Inflammation definitely needs to be managed well. Read more on inflammation here.

anti-aging supplements and how to reverse the aging process

option 1

The most basic ‘anti-aging’ supplement regime at minimal cost.

Total Balance Series 4 Tabs/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil 2 Tabs/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Kiwi-Klenz 2 Caps/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

option 2

If you are over 40 then you will need additional/extra support

Total Balance Series 6 or 7 Tabs/Day (2 bottles/30 Days)

Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil 2 Tabs/Day (1-2 Bottles/30 Days)

Kiwi-Klenz 2 Caps/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

option 3

As Option 2 but add Zupafood ELITE to either of the above options for extra support for the skin and general organs.

Xtend-Life Reversing and Anti-Aging Youthfulness: Natural Supplements

Total Balance Men's Premium

Xtend-Life Total Balance Men's Premium

The ultimate men's health and nutrition supplement

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Total Balance Women's Premium

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Total Balance Unisex Premium

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Xtend-Life Kiwi Klenz

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