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Bee Pollen For Weight Loss

Can honeybee bread (also known as bee pollen) help you lose weight and control your weight? Good news is that is has helped both athletes and non-athletes to accelerate their fat and weight loss programs.

The health benefits of pollen is far-reaching to both men and women, young and old. Numerous reports on it helping to increase stamina/endurance, energy, anti-cancer, arrest cholesterol, makes skin glow, decreases pimples and acne, and even known as a sexual libido booster.

Yet many people aren’t aware that bee pollen is a powerful catalyst and help in weight loss and weight management. Some people won’t be able to see the link at first glance, but once you get that pollen’s unique nutrient characteristics helps to balance the imbalances in our metabolic systems and body, leading to correction of abnormal weight gain.

And in many individuals, it shows in weight loss. How it works is it helps to stimulate and regulate proper and adequate metabolic functions and processes, increasing caloric burn (via improved basal metabolic rate) and this by itself is beneficial, but there are other weight-loss-related benefits of bee pollen.

Bee Pollen And Weight Loss/Control

Gram for gram, pollen is actually very low calories for the amount of nutrition and nourishment it carries. You can consume pollen in two main forms: granules or pure bee pollen powder in capsules form.

I’ve shared that I take the capsule version because its more convenient to store, travel with, swallow and no weird taste (granules has a chalky texture/taste).

Per ounce, pollen has only 90 calories which is truly really small (to give a reference, one can of coke has 150 calories…without all the nutrients and lots of bad stuff). Also, 15% of its weight is lecithin. In the 1980s, lecithin gains a significant amount of popularity as the “magic button” to weight loss, and much of that is marketing but lecithin does have quite a few health benefits:

  • it helps to dissolve fat inside your body
  • it helps with liver health
  • it helps to improve skin conditions especially dry skin
  • it helps with high cholesterol
  • it helps to improve athletic performance
  • it helps to improve sleep quality
  • and more

Another benefit of pollen is that it helps to curb your appetite and reduce cravings to junk food because of a substance inside that’s called phenylalanine. Phenylalanine is an amino acid that is vital to our body and acts an an appetite suppressant. Basically, it helps your brain satiety center to accurately signal when you’re hungry or full; and the benefits of this is that you are more aware of when you’re full or not hungry, hence, you will not be tempted to eat beyond what your body truly needs.

Result of this?

Natural weight loss and natural weight management. Of course, please don’t take bee pollen just because you want to lose weight (though bee pollen does help with weight loss) – for weight loss to be natural, healthy and long term (we don’t want those yo-yo weight loss-weight gain), hence weight loss activities and programs should be multi-pronged.

Throw in a bit of aerobic exercises like walks, jogs, cycling; moderate the type of food eaten ie avoiding high sugar, high carbohydrates; a little of weight training; lots of water and rest, and of course high-quality, pure bee pollen supplement and over time, you will find yourself naturally shedding the excess weight and become more energetic, alert and mentally focused.

Yes, bee pollen is truly a wonderful superfood, but I prefer to combine it with other of its superfood family – think cayenne pepper, gingko biloba and ginseng.

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