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Bee Pollen Is One of Nature’s Miracles Earning the Title of ‘The Food of The Gods’

You know, there are so many bee pollen benefits, generally so much health benefits that it’s known to be nature’s miracle food and super food. And this is rightfully so as weight-for-weight, the humble bee pollen is packed full of enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which is very nutritious to help your body heal as well as feed your organs and systems vital nutrition.

Food of The Gods

The bee pollen is so rich in nutrients and nutrition and with that, the high levels of health-related benefits that it is called “Food of the Gods” because truly it is an amazing source of nourishment and nutrition, even in small quantities.

Think about this: Bees fly from flower to flower both to pollinate flowers as well as to collect nectar which will be turned into honey, and they do this non-stop for the whole day so they can keep collecting nectar and pollinating flowers… ….imagine how much nutrition and energy those bees need to keep going.

Yup, A LOT.

In a research by Zachary Huang in Michigan State University: Pollen provides bees with protein, minerals, lipids, and vitamins (Herbert and Shimanuki, 1978). All animals need essential amino acids, which must be obtained externally and cannot be synthesized by animals. 

Honey bees also need the same 10 amino acids (see section 2.5) as other animals (e.g., humans). These amino acids are obtained from pollen only, because honey bees do not have any other sources of protein

Pollen collection by a colony ranges from 10-26 kg per year (Wille et al., 1985). When honey bees are provided with insufficient pollen, or pollen with low nutritional value, brood rearing decreases (Turner et al., 1973; Kleinschmidt and Kondos, 1976, 1977) and workers live shorter lives (Knox et al., 1971). These effects ultimately affect colony productivity (reviewed by Keller et al., 2005).

Shortages of pollen during rainy seasons can cause colony decline or collapse (Neupane and Thapa, 2005). Recent studies have shown that spring pollen supplement can work as insurance (when spring weather is bad) for faster spring buildup and higher honey yield (Mattila and Otis, 2006a), and can reduce the effects of varroa parasitism (Janmaat and Winston, 2000) and nosema infection (Mattila and Otis, 2006b).

The sentence above indicates the importance of bee pollen for the entire colony, not just as food for the worker bees to pollinate flowers and gather nectar. I hope that gives you an insight of the advantage of taking bee pollen: if it can give the bees so much energy, strength and health to do what they need to do everyday, bee pollen will definitely give YOU the energy, strength and health to be active, strong and healthy too!

Bee Pollen Health Benefits

Bee pollen is a very nutritious and nutrient-rich food which is beneficial to:

  • increasing your natural energy and combating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
  • overcoming tiredness/”down” spirits
  • accelerating organ, tissue and body healing
  • increase the rate your body, organs, tissues and muscles regenerate
  • combating and preventing allergies and increasing immunity
  • decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • decreasing fatty deposits in your body
  • bee pollen can help with weight loss
  • helps to prevent infections and diseases
  • increases your life span
  • restores to you youthful, smooth and healthy skin
  • improving your immunity and immune system
  • bee pollen helps to you and your liver to detoxify your body
  • improve your vitality and energy
  • helps to balance the hormones in your body
  • helps to improve focus and mental clarity

It is very good for people who are combating / recovering from illnesses or those who have a hectic lifestyle at work/as parents and are struggling to find time to take care of themselves properly (I take it to help me cope with raising young babies/children, handle multiple businesses and manage a 7-figure physiotherapy business – it helps me a lot)

Facts and Scientific Proof

It’s not just me and my friends who have benefited from taking bee pollen for health benefits – hundreds of thousands and millions have personally benefited from bee pollen but if their success stories are not enough for you (good to do your research) and take a look at the following studies and results:

Research #1 In 2009, the School of Medicine of the University of Juntendo in Japan conducted a research paper study on the effects of bee pollen as an anti-allergen, where they fed different amounts of bee pollen to mice. The results showed that the production of mast cells decreased considerably in mice that were fed more of the substance. This is good because mast cells are the cells that trigger allergic reactions such sneezing, running nose, coughing, and itching. This means that the lower the amount of mast cells that you have in your body/system, the less prone you are to those annoying allergic reactions – this study concludes that bee pollen is truly effective in fighting allergies and increasing immunity.

Research #2 In Russia, the Longevity Institute demonstrated how bee pollen consumption increases an individual’s life span by a strong growth margin. Renowned Russian biologist Nicolai Vasilievich Tsitsin discovered this bee pollen benefit while he was perplexed and trying to figure out why so many locals of the state of Georgia lived more than 100 years old. He found out that most of them regularly consumed bee pollen, honey as well as other bee products for most of their lives. It is the natural nutrients, enzymes and minerals that are richly found in bee pollen that made them much healthier and stronger, and enabling them to live beyond the average human lifespan.

Research #3 Bee pollen that is collected by bees has also shown to decrease the effects and symptoms of hay fever, as shown in the research studies that are separately done by Dr. William Paterson, an allergist from Ada, Oklahoma and Dr. Ulrich Wahn of Heidelberg University Children’s Clinic in Germany. Both studies, independent of each other, showed that most/majority of the participants, after taking bee pollen supplements, experienced much lesser episodes of hay fever, and when they do, they have much milder effects. This bee pollen benefit extended to asthma attacks too.

Research #4 In the University of Vienna, Austrian physicist Peter Hemuss discovered that women who are affected with uterine cancer who took bee pollen regularly experienced an increased production of gamma globulins, which helps to decrease the inevitable side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Related and independent studies also showed that taking bee pollen regularly helps to increase the production of antibodies as well as white blood cells, which protects against harmful bacteria in the bloodstream.

Who is Bee Pollen Best For?

One of the main key points of the “Food for the Gods” and “nature’s gift to man” is that it is suitable (if not perfect) for most individuals as the health benefits of bee pollen is tremendous. More specifically, those who will benefit most from this super food supplement includes those who are:

  • under stress (due to responsibilities and demands of work/parenthood/diseases)
  • Athletes, sports and active individuals
  • tends to fall sick often or has a weak immune system
  • are battling or recovering from illness
  • long term health problems and conditions
  • find themselves constantly tired and struggling with fatigue
  • trying to lose or maintain their weight
  • trying for a baby and wanting to increase their fertility

What Happens If I’m Allergic to Pollen?!

Don’t worry – there are studies above that showed that even hay fever and asthma sufferers and those allergic to bee pollen is definitely able to tolerate pure bee pollen in small doses, and then slowly and gradually add more quantities over time as your body assimilates and desensitize to pollen in the long term. This means that you can choose to take bee pollen supplements as part of your healthy lifestyle, you may find that your hay fever episodes decreasing and its intensity decreases too =)

As a health care professional, I always prefer to follow evidence, and when it’s given as above, I then proceed with caution: start by taking in very small doses to confirm that your body doesn’t react negatively (or if it does, in small quantities is still ok. In most of the time, bee pollen pills actively help to decrease pollen allergies. Still, as a precautionary measure, for those with serious allergy to other bee products, please consult their doctor before taking bee pollen.

Note: Not All Bee Pollen is Created Equal

Worldwide demand for bee pollen has increased year on year, as people become increasingly educated and interested with their health and wellness, and because of this, more and more companies started to sell bee pollen to “ride the wave”. Inasmuch as I can understand these companies to serve people and make money, but you and I as consumers, we must understand that not all bee pollen is created equally. Here’s the defining factor:

bee pollen’s potency is affected by the flowers that the bees collect from AND how the harvested bee pollen is handled (the rougher the handling, the more loss of nutrients, so need to be very gentle)

So to keep costs low and profit margins high, many companies unfortunately choose to use lower quality bee pollen and try to pull/pass it off as super health food.


Yes, these companies may make a lot more money from people’s misinformed approach to buying inferior products, and people either have to take much higher doses to experience some benefit and buy a lot more of the inferior pollen product to notice any form of health benefits.

It is not a good thing for consumers, and I’d not wish that upon any of my readers, or myself, or my friends and family. Truth of the matter is this: the best and most potent bee pollen is found only in New Zealand.

Xtend Life Bee Pollen harvests their bee pollen from a very protected area in pristine New Zealand, in a place where the air is very pure and the harvested bee pollen is guaranteed to be 100% without airborne pollution and contaminants.

Key benefits and advantages of using bee pollen that is harvested from a pure source is that the final product is highly potent and nutrient dense, on top of being 100% free from pollution and contaminants.

Xtend-Life Natural Energy Bee Pollen –  Superior Bee Pollen Product

Xtend Life Bee Pollen gives you all the full health benefits of bee pollen without contaminating you or your loved ones with toxins/contaminants.

The reason for this is because it’s 100% natural, unique and where it’s harvested: from pristine and protected area in New Zealand which is free from industrialization, airborne pollution and contaminants, making it by far superior when compared to other bee pollen products in the world today.

New Zealand is highly preserved and pristine with no factories or industrialization, with very highly regulations by New Zealand’s Ministry of Health and located near the south pole makes the air super pure and clean (this means that bees, flowers, pollen – all are pure because of this).

To add to this, Xtend Life also adds in specially formulated and 100% natural – and more importantly – synergistic enzymes which works to enhance the health benefits of bee pollen. This increases the nutrient potency of pollen, and it also allows the nutrients to be quickly and fully assimilated by your body almost immediately.

So if you or if you know someone who is struggling/lives a hectic and stressful life, is going through/recovering from illnesses, or want to increase your energy, then I invite and recommend you to consider taking Xtend Life Bee Pollen for its bee pollen health benefits as a supplement.

Take Control Of Your Health Today!

If you’re worried about your (and your loved ones and friends) health and wellness, be assured that bee pollen is nature’s natural super food answer to overall lack of energy, poor immune system and many other health issues.

You and your family deserve to have good energy, feel healthy and well, and bee pollen is very suitable for those who want to improve their health, vitality and well being.

I recommend you to start taking of you and your loved ones health today to help increase energy, fight infections/diseases by trying Xtend Life Bee Pollen. To add to that, Xtend Life provides a full 1 year money back guarantee – that’s 365 days to try to see if it’d truly help you. I’ve personally taken it since 2014, and am still taking till today for the health benefits it brings me =)

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