Vitamin Review Methodology For Vitamin Product Rankings

To be able to discern and determine the best multi-vitamin brand available in the market today, different multi-vitamin products were reviewed through the lens of the following criteria, and each criteria carries their own percentage weightage of importance:

  • 40% weightage to manufacturing Facilities — cGMP?
  • 30% weightage to bio-availability or assimilability
  • 10% weightage to product composition
  • 05% weightage to speed of results and potency
  • 05% weightage to customer testimonials
  • 05% weightage to product guarantee
  • 05% weightage to cost and pricing

There is significant importance and weightage given to the first 2 categories, which are: manufacturing facilities compliance to high standards of regulatory bodies, as secondly is how easily the nutrients are bio-available and absorbable by our bodies.

Why is the first 2 factors the most important?

Here's the matter - if a supplement is manufactured in a facility that is cGMP (meaning current Good Manufacturing Practices), it means that the facility has met and is compliant to meeting and maintaining set standards and regulations.

Fundamentally, registering and staying compliant cGMP means:

  1. The product is true to the product label, and whatever ingredients nutrients stated on the product label and its amounts - it is accurate to every number. This is not a common approach, as there is so many supplement and food fraud where product labels are not accurate and in some cases, blatant lying/misrepresentation. cGMP means that the product label is true to its word/printing.

  2. The supplement doesn't contain any presence of any harmful specified contaminants.

  3. The supplement will definitely be able to break down, released and absorbed into the body within a set amount of time - this is big, and this is where most nutritional supplements fail, because most supplements are broken down and destroyed in the stomach but not in the upper intestines, where the real absorption occurs.

I think the most vital and significant part is that being cGMP is that the health supplements and skincare products manufactured by Xtend-Life is manufactured following the very stringent United States Food & Drugs Administration standards, with strict-controlled procedures and processes.

“cGMP Compliance” and Why It is Important

Being GMP (or cGMP - which means "current" GMP) is significant because these companies consciously, actively and voluntarily decide to register and comply with the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as per the U.S. Pharmacopeial (USP) verification program. 

Most nutrition, food and supplement companies DO NOT subscribe or comply with the US FDA cGMP code for dietary supplements or supplementation - it's just too much work and effort and tedious rigor required.

However, as of 28th June 2010, any companies that wants or plans to sell products in United States, needs to be GMP registered and compliant. However, at the end of year 2011, it seems that more than 70% of such companies are still not GMP-registered or GMP-compliant (Warren Matthews, An Insider’s View of The Supplement Manufacturing Process, paragraph 13).

The USP website say:

“The USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program is a voluntary testing and auditing program that helps dietary supplement manufacturers ensure the production of quality products for consumers” (paragraph 1).

So a potency scoring system was created from those criteria, and two factors carry the most weight: how easily the product was absorbed and the manufacturing procedures and facilities.

Being GMP compliant means that any health supplement product that is created there has met rigorous standards that the US FDA approves of.

additional Factors Used to score In The Vitamin Review Analysis

There are other additional factors are are also used to judge and score, which are found at:

How To Choose The Best Multi-Vitamin For Yourself

where I cover the below factors more in-depth:

  • How the products are researched and developed
  • How the nutrients react to each other and to you
  • Specific scientific formulation
  • Vitamins, Co-factors, Standardized Herbal Extracts, Amino Acids, Active Enzymes, Essential Minerals as well as Trace Elements
  • Manufacturing Processes and Procedures
  • Facilities
  • Delivery Systems (Enteric Coating vs Glaze)
  • Vitamins & Co-Factors, Standardized Herbal Extracts, Amino Acids, Active Enzymes, & Essential Minerals and Trace Elements
  • Manufacturing Procedures
  • Facilities
  • Delivery System (Enteric Coating)
  • Presence of "Product Fillers"
  • Product Quality, Purity and Freshness
  • Pharmaceutical Quality
  • Pricing and Its Value For Money
  • Actual Customer/User Testimonials And Feedback
  • Money Back Guarantees

These additional factors also carried weightage in the reviews - a truly high quality supplement MUST include in-depth clinical research and testings, created in a cGMP-compliant facility, use the best quality ingredients, within the best delivery system, pharmaceutical quality as well as has scores of testimonials of good reports by actual customers.

how much did this vitamin review and ranking study cost?

For all these products to be tested in a GMP-compliant lab would be at least $100,000 United States Dollars PER product. For just even one of these supplements to be tested by ConsumerLab would cost at least $750,000 United States Dollars (gosh, that's a lot of money).

I hope this vitamin review methodology for vitamin product rankings is helpful and useful to help you make a health decision.

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