Malnourished and nutrient deficient even though you eat fruits and vegetables

At this point in writing in 2016, though more people are understanding this concept, yet this idea has many people is disbelief and scratching their heads.

In fact, it's not something now, and it's something I've said for years and years (also one of the core reasons why I turn to high quality natural health supplements since 2003). More and more studies are showing an increasing trend of individuals living in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and more to be malnourished and living in nutrient deficit lifestyles.

It's interesting, because at the same time, obesity is truly ballooning in those three countries too.

Could this be linked? I believe that nutrient deficits and malnourishment should be an influential factor in a lot of health problems including obesity, cancers and ailments.

A question to ask is "are the people who are overweight, eating all the food and nutrients, causing the rest of the population to be nutrient deficit and malnourished?"

Actually, no - in fact, it's the overweight people who are included in the group of people who are malnourished/nutrient deficient.

Ok, that may be a little hard to believe...that "overweight people can be malnourished" >> they should be OVER-nourished right, since they're overweight?

More below.

the main problem?'s all about the food we eat.

Analysis of the range of foods in Canada which includes potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, apples, onion, broccoli and more was commissioned by The Globe and Mail and CTV news, and the results were astonishing.

Just the analysis of potatoes showed that over the last 60 years, the potato has lost:

  • 100% of its Vitamin A
  • 57% of its Vitamin C and iron
  • 28% of its Calcium
  • 50% of its riboflavin
  • 18% of its thiamine

Out of seven nutrients analyzed, only 1 nutrient has increased, which is niacin.

And this trend repeated itself across all the 25 fruits and vegetables that were commissioned to be tested. In fact, the worse was broccoli where results showed that all its nutrients had been depleted/declined significantly, including niacin with calcium which decreased by 63%.

Then the Globe and Mail and CTV compared numbers and figures from government studies of years 1951, 1972 and 1999 which had been earlier published in multiple scientific journals in the United Kingdom (UK) which includes the British Food Journal (note: release of this data in the United States has been limited to only a few alternative health journals).

A professor at the Center for Food Policy in England, Mr Tim Lang, says that food nutrition has devalued so much that the nutritional value of 1 orange during our grandfather's time is equivalent to 8 oranges of today's time (2015).

can someone explain what went wrong?

Here's what happened.

Consumers demand for cheaper and cheaper BUT "good looking" over the years and decades gradually changed the way farms work as well as distribution channels work.

In the past, a farmer used to rotate their crops to suit the land and maximized his or her crop yields using natural methods and then supplied their fresh produce to their local markets for distribution.

That's a long, long time ago.

Today, the emphasis has changed to high volume production, it needs to look good, it needs to store well and it needs to be able to last/withstand logistical transportation - nutritional value?

Meh. Not important. (I will just cringe every time I hear this)

Dr Phil Warman, who is an agronomist and professor of agricultural sciences at Nova Scotia Agricultural College, says this:

“crops are bred to produce higher yields, to be resistant to disease and to produce more visually attractive fruits or vegetables, but little or no emphasis is placed on their vitamin and mineral content.”

Of course, this gets worse and worse and out of hand as more and more companies are becoming increasingly "vertically owned and controlled" whereby the entire food production from seeds to seedlings to maturity are all controlled.

Because of these managements and controls, farmers are no more than technical automatons with little to no options than to work for these large companies and conform to their "corporate" approach to farming and production and processing.

Add the engineering of crops which kicks nutrients and nutritional value even further down the importance list and sooner than later, the entire problem of malnourishment will become a very serious one, leading to a serious spike of cancers and diseases to very high levels.

nutrient-poor foods >>> obesity???

Of course.

You see, if you don't have enough vital/essential nutrients for your organs and cells to function, it'd create a nutrient deficit in your body's physiological system.

You will ALWAYS feel under the weather and may not ever "feel good", and this will likely lead you to exercise less....and you may increase your tendency to seek and indulge in comfort foods which usually contains scores of sugar and yet lacking nutrients....and so the vicious cycle continues.

It usually ends in a grim manner: overweight/obesity, poor health...

what should i do?

I will try my best to simplify for you my best practices:

  1. Try your best to eat organic fruits and vegetables as and when you can. If you have land, do try to grow your own.

  2. Buy a quality reverse osmosis water purifier, and drink lots of it, avoiding the highly carbonated and sugary ones.

  3. Try your level best to avoid anything that is processed or comes in a packet - if you think that nutritional loss in vegetables and fruits is bad...manufactured and processed stuff is worse - usually empty food that is devoid of nutrients PLUS full of chemicals and toxins.

  4. Take a high quality multi-nutrient supplement. A multi-vitamin/mineral tablet is not good enough because most "common" multi-vites are filled with synthetic (man-made) ingredients with questionable efficacy and bio-availability as well as lacking other nutrients.

    But it's where most consumers are often mislead by companies with misleading labels and advertising. This is complex by itself.

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