Seasilver - Misleading Information and Advertising?

In this age and era of 2016 and beyond, where all information is easily gathered and ongoing research and development is gradually showing all high-value information.

Research is pointing in the direction that humans can live beyond 70s, 80s...and well into their 100s,

What's more important is that as research shows that we can live longer, but it's not just about the length of time that we're alive for that counts, but also we need to ensure that we are healthy, well and free from disease until the very end. In fact, I believe that older and older people are wealth of wisdom and life experience who can help the next generation to do even better, rather than see them as dead-weight burden.

Some of you may know by reading my About page that I've been passionate about natural health supplements for a long time now, since 2002, and I've come across quite a number of companies and products that promises all sorts of things. Frankly, in the beginning, I too was sucked into those promises and glitzy stuff because I was inexperience and didn't know better.

I had been in some multi-level marketing companies promoting mediocre to okay stuff to my family, and eating stuff that weren't the best, plus severely overpriced.

Sadly, many of these products and their claims have very savvy and advanced marketers and salesmen to put them together in a very convincing manner to the public, and whenever they're based on good and truthful science I think is ok and good, BUT when it's based on capitalizing on fear tactics or unscientific lies, it's not good business at all.

That doesn't make sense to me, because then these products are substandard, based on lies and sold based on fear. The health supplement industry is filled with fraudulent companies, and only a small minority supply high quality products at good prices - most of the time...unfortunately you'd hear those wild and high claims with bloated prices to make money from the consumers.

I'll give you an example - I left Jeunesse after being recommended to join, and I went about consuming their products, one of them being the Reserve Fruit Blend antioxidant and their nutritional label:

Basically says nothing about, and about 10 ingredients listed.

The price? SGD 192 per box of 30 packets.

Now I stepped away for a while and took my time to do some research before I went to Xtend-Life (I've read about Xtend-Life for years, since 2005, but never got them because they don't have a strong presence in Singapore) and I am happy to take their Total Balance Men's Premium.

Their nutritional label?

Xtend-Life Total Balance Men's Premium Label

Their price? SGD 120, which is about 33% more affordable...and contains 99 certified ingredients (each batch has its own certification for every ingredient which have been tested).

And that's just one company.

Today, this article is going to cover another company:


So there is a product by the name of "Seasilver" is has and still is being heavily marketed and promoted to the public...but the public isn't told accurate information nor getting value for their money.

Let's cover the reasons why it's not a high quality or value for money health product:

  • Seasilver claims 98% absorption rate because it's liquid and hence it bypasses the digestive systems. Yeah right - ANY and ALL oral intakes goes from our mouth, down our throat, into our stomachs because there's only one way. The only way you can bypass this is by injection or a special deliver system (liquid delivery cannot ever achieve this).

    As Seasilver is taken orally as a beverage there is NO WAY it can or will bypass the digestive system.

  • Seasilver claims that "vitamin pills are only 10-20% absorbed" - actually in many of the substandard and mass marketed supermarket and pharmacy stuff, yes, this is accurate...and because they're "mass marketed", these products tend to use cheap ingredients such as calcium carbonate which is very poorly absorbed.

    A few minority health supplement companies has developed special delivery systems such as Xtend-Life has with their Total Balance that is able to bypass the stomach juices with the protection of the enteric coating, to go straight to the upper intestines for about 85% - 90% absorption rate. This is the same delivery system used by many pharmaceutical drugs, so Seasilver's claim on this is misleading and not fully accurate.

  • Seasilver claim that they have perfected the way to grow aloe vera which is the main ingredient and this growing method creates a more potent product - eh, there is no real scientific basis for such a claim like this. Products that grow fast usually have poorer and lesser nutrients.

  • Seasilver has added silver because our human bodies are deficit of it. Again, more lies - our bodies DO NOT require silver - take too much of it and your skin will turn blue and you may have other health problems. (don't believe me, read this article on the man who turned blue because of silver here)

  • Seasilver provided a long list of ingredients found in their product, which also includes trace elements...and this is dishonest at best. Firstly, trace elements are so small that the benefits is irrelevant. Secondly, they didn't add to the list other present elements that will "scare" the public such as arsenic...but arsenic is not a problem when the amounts are too small to be deadly.

  • Seasilver made a claim on the purity of "sea vegetables" (not sure why they can't just call it seaweed), and unless seaweed undergoes specific extraction process and strict testings it may not be as good or pure. Example is that seaweed harvested in northern hemisphere has high levels of toxins such as mercury.

  • Seasilver claim to have vitamins coming from shale...more lies and nonsense. Ok, many manufacturers use synthetic vitamins as they're cheaper as opposed to using natural ones which are plant derived BUT nothing has come from shale.

    These people may have gotten confused with minerals, where some mineral dietary supplements can be just mere "rock scrapings" but high quality mineral supplements cannot be from an inorganic source.

  • Seasilver also claims that if you take their product you don't need anything largely untrue and deceptive. Maybe if you drink 3 months supply every day, but it's not possible.


You can have the same benefits if not more by growing some organic vegetables in your backyard and making them into vegetable juice and drinking that - in fact, your vegetable juice is likely healthier and has more health benefits than Seasilver.

This "seasilver" is a standard problem of a product that is created by a salesman/marketer rather than a scientist who is truly seeking to help other rather than just wanting to make money.

Like many multi-level-marketing (MLM) schemes, their sales pitch and presentation tends to be very slick and smooth, and I won't be surprised that there will be hundreds if not thousands of distributors singing and toutings its make money.

They may have good and noble intentions, but that's not good enough as MLM business models are rarely sustainable unless the products are high quality and competitively priced - Seasilver is not.

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