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A Strong Immune System is much more than Protection against Cold's and Flu's

Our immune system is another good example of just how incredible our bodies are. We each possess our own personal ‘army’ to protect us throughout life. Although we are all born with this ‘army’ not all of us have a strong one and as such we can from time to time get defeated and end up ill.

The threats that our bodies face are both external and internal. External threats include ‘bugs’, all manner of viruses and environmental hazards; while internal threats come at a cellular level from deformed or ‘rogue’ cells which can develop into cancers.

It is important to realize that we all have cancers in our bodies and that there is a continual ‘battle’ going on inside us between these cancer cells and our immune system that is fighting them. The key to remaining healthy is having the ability to have our body strong enough to keep these threats at bay, whether they are internal or external. When the body fails to overcome the threats we get ill, whether it manifests as a simple cold or the flu, or a life threatening illness or some other degenerative disease.

First line of defense

The first line of defense is without doubt a healthy lifestyle, a good wholesome diet and adequate exercise. Very few of us adhere to all three. Even if we did it is still not enough because modern day living subjects us to environmental toxin, pollution and potentially one of the biggest killers of all…stress.

When it comes to supplements, no one ingredient is the holy grail…Vitamin C is great for when you have a cold but it is weak when it comes to the total spectrum of immunity. There are other natural substances that are a lot more potent and cover a much broader spectrum. These nutrients don’t actually act directly to fight ‘invaders’ whether they be internal or external. They are the back-up ammunition to help your own internal ‘army’ fight the fight.

Over the last 15 years our scientists at Xtend-Life have continually ‘tweaked’ and refined a supplement designed to help your ‘army’ fight the good fight. This is our flagship product Total Balance. Tens of thousands of customers owe their current good health and freedom from susceptibility for all manners of internal and external threats to this remarkable product.

Option 1

This option is really the minimum for men and women to maintain their health and provide the immune system the basic support needed.

Total Balance Standard 4 Tabs/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Omega-3 DHA Fish Oil 2-4 Soft Gels/Day (1-2 Bottles/30 Days)

Option 2

For increased support (at a higher cost) change the ‘Standard’ version of Total Balance in Option 1 to the Total Balance Men's Premium version.

For added protection against external ‘bugs’ you could add Immu-Stay to your daily regime for a few months before ‘flu season’.

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