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Supporting your body's super-frame - your bones and joints

Our bones and joints are what that "holds up" everything together, the main pillar and structure that makes our entire body's frame. That's why, without strong bones and joints, you will definitely suffer and feel a lot of discomfort and pain - I know because I am a trained hand therapy specialist, who run a specialist orthopedics, musculoskeletal and sports injury rehabilitation - a large number of patients we get fall into this category.

Thing is, as we grow older, what happens is because of physiological changes because of aging (plus in some cases, complicated by poor diet, genetics and sedentary lifestyle), we may develop bone loss which may develop into osteoporosis or brittle bones - this increases the risks and rate of fractures (and refractures/non-unions) which have their own sets of health issues such as loss of independence, mobility and even early onset of death.

Many of the patients also develop joint problems such as arthritis (such as osteoarthritis) which can be very painful, limiting movements and definitely limiting independence.

There are many people who have the misconception and misunderstand and think that causes of poor bone strength and health is all about lacking calcium....which can be one of the factors.

Yes, we all need a certain level of calcium intake that is actually bio-available and easily absorbed by our bodies, but often, the loss of bone density is a gradual progress that starts to happen when our body faces a pH imbalance and becomes more acidic.

And because our human body cannot function nor survive if our blood becomes acidic, what the body does is that it compensates to "try to survive" by drawing and leeching calcium out of your bones to neutralize the acidity/high pH in your blood.

so what do we need to do tomaintain good bone density?

  • First and foremost, please increase your intake of green vegetables that will help to counter/reduce the risk and effects of your blood becoming acidic

  • Then, get lots of "safe" sunshine without the sunscreen (around say 9 am to 11 am or 3.30 to 6 pm) - this helps you "secure" vitamin D which is vital to your bone strength and health.

    Did you know, just 20 minutes of direct sunshine and sunlight is more than a 30 day's worth of high dosage of vitamin D supplements - it's free and natural (note: there is likely many varied benefits of sunshine exposure that science hadn't fully decoded or understood enough of yet)

  • Having regular weight bearing exercise (this is a very studied approach, and is one of the main basis for osteoporosis/osteoporotic rehabilitation protocol).

    Weight bearing is required, no matter what your age, be it you're a grandma, grandpa, or a great-grandma or great-grandma. You see, our bones are living tissues are need resistance training to become stronger and stronger (this is why astronauts are required to do a lot of in-flight weight resistance to combat spaceflight osteopenia).

    It is NEVER too old to start - just start today.

On top of nutritious diet, exercise and weight bearing as well as exposure to direct sunlight, you can (and should) also supplement to help support a balanced pH level in your blood. Yes, you can also consider taking high-quality calcium supplement, but I'd rather you do the above.

If you're already feeling and experiencing joints pain and discomfort, then there are also some good joint nutrients that will help your joints that may also help with pain management and reduction.

Option 1

If you feel that your calcium intake is too low and need a boost and you also want some basic support for your joints, and also some support for alkalizing your body.

Bone-Support 3 Caps/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil 2 Soft Gels/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Zupafood GREENZ 1 Sachet/Day (1 Box/30 Days)

Option 2

To add to the above, if you also experience joints pain and/or discomfort, then I recommend that you take the above Option 1 above as well as Green Lipped Mussels Powder - Green Lipped Mussel can also be taken as a stand alone product for mild joint pain.

As it is a food the dosage rate can be increased if desired. If your calcium levels are fine, then leave off the Bone-Support but still keep the Omega 3 Fish Oil.

Option 3

If your joint pains and discomfort seems to be increasingly painful or not resolving, then consider a more potent natural joint solution such as the unique Not Just Joints which has some very potent natural ingredients. Many clients have reported excellent results with this product.

It can be combined with any of the others.

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