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When it comes to preventative health there is no other part of the body that warrants as much attention as your cardiovascular system. Although your heart is at the center of your cardiovascular system, it is only one part of it. Of course if it stops beating, then nothing else matters as ‘life’ departs our body… in other words we are dead!

So, we have to do the best that we can to ensure that our own heart and that of our loved ones keep beating… for as long as possible.

The heart is one of the hardest working organs in the body; contracting & expanding around 100,000 times, it pumps in excess of 10,000 liters of blood through 96,000 kilometers of blood vessels a day. This constant action is stressful and makes this system particularly vulnerable.

But, what about when other parts of our cardiovascular system fails… for example, a blockage which leads to a stroke? This could result in the paralysis of one side of the body, a loss of the ability to speak or communicate and so on. This is not only devastating for those people who experience this but also for their loved ones. It can be a fate worse than death.

Medical science is capable of some pretty amazing things…but, a stent after someone has had a heart attack is really just a temporary ‘band aid'. It won’t prevent a blockage in another part of the body, and certainly not in the thousands of miles of capillaries which are throughout the human body and particularly in the brain!

Prevention is Possible

The overwhelming majority of heart/stroke events are preventable! Most of them are caused through inflammation in the blood… NOT, high cholesterol as is generally suggested. In fact, only around 50% of fatal heart attack victims have elevated cholesterol. When you have your cholesterol levels checked also ensure that your Doctor also checks your C-Reactive Protein which measures inflammation in your blood.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to learn as much as you can to understand what you can do to avoid such an ‘event’. Lifestyle, diet and exercise play a significant role in prevention of a cardio ‘event’. In addition to the steps that you probably already know there are other things that you can do with regard to nutritional supplementation.

The following options have been followed by thousands of Xtend-Life customers over the last 15 years with outstanding results. Our Chairman & Founder Warren Matthews, who is 68, follows these protocols and his heart health is exceptional. On the Dec 4, 2015, his blood pressure was 117/65, and C-Reactive Protein (which measures inflammation in the blood) was 0.5 (that of a child).

The most basic step you can take is to ensure that you have an adequate intake of a quality Omega 3 fish oil with a reasonable level of DHA. DHA which is one of the most complex Omega 3 fatty acids is more important than EPA. The body can easily convert DHA to EPA if needed, but converting EPA to DHA is virtually impossible for many people. The reverse is much more difficult.

NOTE: There has been a campaign running for the last year or so (by interested parties) to attempt to discredit the efficacy of Omega 3 fish oils in assisting circulatory issues. The evidence is very weak and is overwhelmed by literally hundreds of studies that unequivocally support the positive benefits from the intake of a quality Omega 3 fish oil supplement.

In addition to the Omega 3 fish oils you have to ensure that you have an adequate intake of other nutrients that support all your organs which in turn support your cardiovascular system. This is where both Total Balance and Cardio-Support can play a role.

Option 1

This first option is a low cost one and really the MINIMAL that you should be doing IF you are currently healthy and have no signs of any cardiovascular problems. It is certainly not optimal but is better than nothing.

Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil 2 Soft Gels/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Multi-Xtra 2 Tabs/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Option 2

If you are aged 40+ and have no specific cardiovascular problem the following is a sensible and reasonably priced regime.

Total Balance Women's Premium  4-7 Tabs/Day (1-2 Bottles/30 Days)

Omega 3 QH Ultra 2 Soft Gels/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Option 3

This option is suitable for men and women who have high cholesterol but are healthy with no other cardiovascular concerns.

Total Balance Unisex Premium  4-7 Tabs/Day (1-2 Bottles/30 Days)

Omega 3 QH Ultra 2 Soft Gels/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Lipi-Rite 2 Soft Gels/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Option 4

If you have had a heart event, or are in serious risk of one and need the very best natural options, talk to your cardiologist about the following regime.

Total Balance Unisex Premium  4-7 Tabs/Day (1-2 Bottles/30 Days)

Omega 3 QH Ultra 2 Soft Gels/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Lipi-Rite 2 Soft Gels/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Cardio-Support 4 Tabs/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

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