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Bee Pollen Health Benefits

Bee pollen pills and bee pollen health benefits – what’s all the buzz about?

Bee bread, also known as bee pollen, is not a new or latest fad in food and nutrition – it has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of year ago, having been mentioned in the Bible, Koran, Talmud and ancient Oriental Scrolls.

Even Hippocrates prescribed it for his patients for health and healing purposes.

The humble bee pollen is made by the humble and hardworking bee, which every single bee does at least 10 pollen gathering sessions per day, flying from hive to flower to flower, make the pollen and pass back to the hive – it’s no wonder the term “busy bee” came about – bees sure are very busy every single day.

In good weathers, a good combined efforts of worker bees can yield up to 50,000 – 60,000 pollen loads per day!

Ok, you may be asking, “what’s the point of saying this?” – great question. Remember I shared on how busy bees are?

They thrive and live their busy and productive lifestyles purely on bee pollen.

So What’s Bee Pollen?

When bee’s forage from flower to flower, they’re basically picking 2 things:

  • flower nectar
  • flower pollen

These fine pollen powders are collected on the legs and bodies of the bees, and then the bees will pack and condense the pollen into granules/grains, adding flower nectar and some enzymes to improve the absorption, and the end result is bee pollen/bread.

You can read more here at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bee_pollen

It’s so nourishing that it supplies all the energy, nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals that these busy busy bees need to grow, work and reproduce. In fact, if this supply of pollen is low or none-at-all, the whole colony will dwindle and die.

What’s So Great About This Pollen?

Dubbed as “Food for the Gods” and “nature’s miracle superfood”, bee bread has more than 185 nutrients, including trace minerals, vitamins, enzymes, co-enzymes, amino acids – authors Royden Brown and Carlson Wade said that every human needs just 30-35 grams of this every day for our entire body’s nutritional needs, and just water, and we’ll live healthy.

There are 22 amino acids and proteins, vitamins A and C which are anti-oxidants, folate and vitamin B complex which helps with fat metabolism and creating a lot of natural by-products of ATP energy through fat-burning thermogenesis; betacarotene, lecithin.

It is also 35% protein that is freely available for your body and muscles to absorb, to quickly repair, build and restore muscle cells for daily activities. The trace elements and minerals (such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc) also work together to balance out the nutrient deficiency that most of us has, restoring our organs to full health.

And it’s all natural. You will not experience the usual jitters post caffeine/energy drinks, nor the crash after – it’s a stable, consistent “higher level” of energy (I’ve been taking my preferred bee pollen supplements since 2014).

Scientists tried to synthesize and recreate their own version of bee pollen, in hopes to provide a consistent and sustainable pollen supply to the bees instead of having the bees to forage as usual from flower to flower; they tried to pass it to the bees, but the bees quizzingly rejected it, and all died within a week. The bees knew better, and we learn that natural is always better.

How Bee Pollen Supplements Benefit Your Health

There are many health benefit claims of pollen, but not every positive one has been proven scientifically or through placebo-studies, and tends to be anecdotal/testimonial through the years.

Here are some that has been accepted by both professional doctors (MDs) and nutritional consultants as valid pollen health improvements that you will most likely receive when taking pollen as supplement:

  • helps increase your immunity and immune system: pollen supplies your immune system by providing it with protein, mono and polyunsaturated fats, calcium selenium, nucleic acids, lecithin, magnesium, cysteine and sources of vitamin B, C, D, E – all of which have been proven to strengthen your body’s defense mechanism from the inside.
  • decreases sensitivity to allergens: in small doses, because it has many of the trace substances that trigger allergic reactions (including hay fever) and over time, it desensitizes your immunity and immune system, easing the symptoms and complications
  • decreases your stress levels: because bee pollen is so densely-packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients that our body needs, including being rich with vitamin B complex, it regulates hormonal changes/fluctuations, increases energy (how many of us are grumpy/stressed easily when we’re tired) and studies are showing that low levels of vitamin B12 is linked to mood and depression
  • improves your energy, endurance and stamina: athletes have been using bee pollen for years ago to boos their athletic and sports performance, and this is likely caused by the high levels of vitamin B that helps to metabolize fat (thermogenesis/fat burning) which not only burns fat, but releases a lot of ATP energy in the process – for sports, work, school, sexual health etc.
  • helps you to lose/accelerate weight loss: this is linked to the above, as it helps you with fatburning thermogenesis, and some customers reported weight loss which can be linked to fat burning or increased participation in activities/sports/movement because of the the increased energy, or both. As it also contains lecithin, a natural substance that curbs appetite AND improve brain-satiety-centre communications, so you’d naturally stop eating when you’re full/not hungry
  • helps with skin conditions such as pimples and acne: poor diet can be a possible cause of acne, as it leads to hormonal imbalances; as bee pollen is nutrient-rich, it can regulate hormonal and metabolic processes. In fact, some customers use bee pollen powder added with water and honey to apply on skin conditions to help the skin heal faster (or as a mask too).

What Are The Risks? Is There Any Side Effects?

Fortunately, more than 95% of the people have no side effects when taking bee pollen or bee products…but there is a small minority of people about 3-5% of them who are allergic or sensitive to bee products.

That’s why I always recommend that one always check in with the doctor first to get clearance to start a new pollen supplement (or any forms of supplement); as in a very, very small minority of people can develop severe and even fatal reaction called “anaphylaxis” which is an extreme allergic reaction.

If you get any of the signs of allergy ie swelling of your mouth and tongue, itching in your throat, coughing or wheezing, please stop immediately and see your doctor. Best to always check with your doctor first.

How To Enjoy The True Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen

If you’re deciding on buying bee pollen to improve your health and energy levels, you must pay attention to three things:

  • Where the pollen is sourced: it needs to be harvested from an area that is pollutant/contaminant-free, pure, pristine and natural. Avoid anything that is near an industrialized or polluted area
  • The pollen needs to be freeze dried and not heat dried. Heat drying destroys all the active and health-giving nutrients and enzymes, rendering the pollen useless
  • The pollen supplement needs to be managed in a cGMP-compliant facility, that adheres to strict US FDA standards, and has individual Certificates of Analysis for every batch, which signifies quality. Such supplements are called nutraceuticals, the highest quality.

Many bee pollen products are from China or non-GMP companies which may contain contaminants or heat-dried pollen, both of which renders the pollen useless, and the contaminants are risk to your health. I am very particular on what I take, I will only take good things and not allow myself/my body to take contaminated products, and I wish the same for you too.

The bee pollen supplement I take is freeze dried and scientifically formulated to also contain additional synergistic enzymes, amino acids and minerals to enhance the health benefits. The pollen is harvested from north-western corner of south island of New Zealand, a pure and pristine area beside a national part that is free from industrialization and airborne pollution.

Its nutritional effects will be noticed and I comfortably personally endorse it. When you factor in the fact that it is processed and manufactured in GMP compliant facilities with standards that meet the FDA’s standards for pharmaceutical-grade quality drugs, it’s even better. Basically earning this a nutraceutical status (highest label for a supplement in terms of quality), and this is not common nor easily found in the US.

The manufacturer also offers a 365 days money back guarantee or full product replacement – something the health world don’t offer today. It’s also less expensive than other supplements while still maintaining a high level of quality, pharmaceutical quality.

I’ve been taking this personally since 2014, and I honestly say this: it has helped me a lot in my life, giving me all the energy, health and wellness I need to handle my 5 AM to 10 PM days everyday, young children, family, manage multiple busy physiotherapy clinics, meetings, investments, readings etc. To me, it’s one of my favorite and important supplements that I take every day. Without fail.

Read more or try it here, or read my review on this product here.

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